Calling all milk drinkers

This spring, we’re bringing Cravendale back to British TV screens with a fresh new campaign which pays tribute to the most dedicated of milk drinkers. 
Did you catch our latest spot on telly this weekend? 
We like to think of Cravendale as “the milk drinker’s milk,” because it’s never better appreciated than when enjoyed on its own. And we think drinking milk is cool, so we wanted to find a way to salute milk drinkers whilst reminding the nation of the pure and fresh taste of Cravendale milk.
We teamed up with brilliant directing collective CANADA at CANADA London / Riff Raff to create a 30″ TVC, which introduces viewers to a cool, slightly mysterious character showing his love for Cravendale. And because he’s such a fan, he’s never seen without a glass of the white stuff in his hand. Whether he’s riding a mechanical bull or throwing shapes on the dancefloor, he never spills a drop. 

Shot in a movie trailer inspired visual style, the mustachioed milk drinker’s tale is told through a montage of scenarios that show his unfailing dedication to his trusty, ice-cold glass of Cravendale. 


Tell us milk drinkers… can you manage to look this cool whilst drinking a glass of milk? We’re still practicing… 

A Stellar Evening

Image (12)
Under a starry canopy at last night's British Arrows Craft Awards, Lurpak Cook's Range was awarded three golds for cinematography (Stephen Keith-Roach), editing (Joe Guest at Final Cut) and sound design (Aaron Reynolds at Wave), and a silver for best director (Dougal Wilson). Meanwhile, Cravendale Barry the Biscuit Boy picked up a silver for model making. Congratulations to all involved!

TV brilliance from Lurpak tops The Thinkboxes

Throughout the year, TV ads duke it out for the top spot in The Thinkboxes, a bi-monthly award celebrating and honouring all forms of TV ad creativity.

Photo[8] copy

Our Lurpak Adventure Awaits spot was picked top of the 'boxes for March/April, thanks to some "pure TV brilliance". Thanks Thinkboxes!

Head over to the Thinkboxes site to read more about it from our lovely Lurpak client, Laurence. 

Not only that, but another one of our deliciously creamy ads, Cravendale Barry the Biscuit Boy, was shortlisted for the award on account of "more trademark wackiness". Remind yourselves of Barry's milky cautionary tale:


baking our Barry TV spot

Last weekend, we introduced a tasty new character to Cravendale's marvellously milky world in our new Barry the biscuit boy campaign. 

We baked up the TV spot in a fittingly hands-on way with two clever BlinkInk directors, Andrew Thomas Huang and Joseph Mann, mixing live puppeteering with stop frame animation. Curious? Well, Cravendale has just released a 'Making of' film that lets you look behind the scenes to see how Barry and his intricate world were brought to life: a lot of milk and a little magic. 


meet Barry the milk-loving biscuit boy in our latest Cravendale campaign

From Bertrum and his merry band of milk pilfering polydactyl cats to miniature milk loving pirates, our campaigns for Cravandale have attracted a faithful following over the years for being just a little bit “out there”.  

We’re hoping to surprise and delight fans with our new ‘Barry the Biscuit Boy’ campaign, which launched this weekend. The integrated campaign kicked off on Saturday with a 30” TV spot celebrating the irresistibly delicious flavor of Cravendale’s ‘filtered to be marvellous’ milk, cementing its reputation as the brand for serious milk lovers and appealing to Cravendale’s core family audience. 


Inspired by fables of old, the ad takes Cravendale’s milk-related musings in a deliciously dark new direction, with the twisted tale of Barry the biscuit boy and his near fatal attraction to the cool charms of a refreshing lake of Cravendale. 

Barry and his milky world were brought to life by Blink Ink directors Andy Huang and Joe Mann with veteran puppeteers Johnny and Will, creating a world that felt like nothing we’d seen before. Mixing puppetry, stop-motion and CGI, we were able to marry visually striking modern techniques with the warmth of old-school charm.

  Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 15.05.11

The campaign is aimed at milk lovers, positioning Cravendale as the ultimate dunking partner. Alongside the TV and print executions, the campaign will be supported by social media activity featuring our very own social media baker, with baker extraordinaire Fancy Nancy engaging with Cravendale fans and creating edible masterpieces in response to cultural moments. The results will be shared on Cravendale’s social channels at and as the campaign unfolds – watch this space!

A big thank you to everyone involved in bringing Barry to life. Go pour yourself a cool glass of Cravendale and dunk away, but heed Barry’s warning: don’t dunk too long.

‘quite good in bits’: a review of 2012 at wieden + kennedy London

The year 2012 was quite good in bits for Wieden + Kennedy London. Come with us now, as we go back in time to review some of the stuff that happened to us, with us and by us in the last twelve months. You may meet polydactyl cats, you may fall down a rabbit-hole to play with a Nike-wearing Sonic the Hedgehog, and you might be enticed into The Great Unknown. You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight
and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.
Next stop…the Wieden+Kennedy zone!

Nike – Make it Count


January 2012 marked the beginning of a very important year
for sport in the UK. Not just for top athletes but for everyone.
This was the year to step up and Make it Count. To celebrate
we launched a campaign that saw top UK athletes make their
pledges for the forthcoming year, whilst inspiring people to be
part of the movement and make their own pledges under the
hashtag #makeitcount.

In March, Campaign reported from the “Socialympics” panel
debate on the London 2012 Olympics, which it described as
“the biggest social media event ever”.

The article said: “Adidas is currently getting around 0.4% of
all conversations around the Olympics associated with its
brand. Its non-sponsor rival, Nike, is dominating Olympics
brand buzz with 7.7%. A lot of this can be attributed to Nike’s
#makeitcount campaign – a runaway social media success… The campaign resonates with sports fans by associating Nike
with training for the Olympics and cleverly skirts Olympic
ambush marketing rules.”

Goes to show, if you don’t have a huge marketing budget, you
need to #makeitcount.

Lurpak Lightest


Early in 2012 we launched Lurpak Lightest, Lurpak’s biggest
launch in 10 years. It was an important initiative, allowing
Lurpak to compete with other low fat spreads on the market
by offering health-conscious consumers a new low fat product
that doesn’t compromise on taste.

We did everything from naming the product and designing
the packaging to creating the launch campaign, which was
described by The Drum as “Fantastic… marvelous…
brave… mesmeric”.

The TV ad was ranked third best of the year by Campaign and the poster number four.
There were also some press ads:

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 12.25.53

Honda – The Great Unknown

“Significant new Honda TV work from Wieden + Kennedy
London is typically an anticipated event, and the brand’s new
“Spark” commercial does not disappoint. The beautifully
filmed spot—narrated by the longtime voice of Honda Europe,
Garrison Keillor—tracks the journey of an idea from the
darkness of inception to its dramatic full realization.”

Damon Collins wrote of it in Campaign:

“My favourite ad right now is “The Great Unknown” from
Honda… Why do I like it so much? Is it because it’s beautifully
produced, with stunning visual effects and immaculate sound
design? (Have a listen – that’s what awards sound like.) Or is it
because, as so often with the campaign, the thinking behind
the words is so alluring?”

The spot was 2012's most popular with UK YouTube viewers, racking up over 3.8 million hits.

Cravendale – The Milk Matters

Megalomaniac polydactyl cat Bertrum Thumbcat – star of ITV viewers’ ad
of the year 2011 – returned in 2012 with a plan.

A big, evil plan to steal our Cravendale milk: he was brainwashing
innocent milkmen to work as his milk-pilfering henchmen. Yes!

But we’re on to his scheme, and Cravendale sent a message to Betrum and his gang: NOT ON OUR WATCH, PUSSIES!

You can also follow Bertrum on Facebook and Twitter.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 11.11.38
And your cat can join his Thumbcat army.

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 11.09.56

Three – built for the internet

Our 2012 work for Three, the UK’s fastest-growing network,
highlighted the fact that it’s the network built for the mobile internet.

Three 1
Three 2
Three 3

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 12.26.24

Maximus – Rise and Conquer!

We pitched and won the Maximus vodka business in February.
Our first work recently launched in the brand’s home market
of Poland and will roll out across other parts of Europe later
this year.

This is a world in which a generation of young men is inheriting
a legacy of economic worry and doubt. It’s a world in which
traditional masculine values are under threat. This has been
described as a ‘he-cession’. (Really, it has.) It’s difficult for men
to remain confident or upbeat and this is having a direct effect
on their most precious gift, their manliness. Tests have shown
that testosterone levels are in general decline.

Our campaign aims to inspire today’s generation of young
men to feel empowered to be manly and take on the world.
Maximus Vodka embodies the qualities which make men, men
and is a celebratory toast for all young aspiring men who dare
to reclaim their manliness. Rise and conquer!

Maximus 1
Maximus 2
Maximus 3

Nike – My Time is Now

Our innovative ‘My Time Is Now’ global campaign for Nike celebrated the ‘next wave’ of young footballers, from
young kids to elite athletes looking to make an impact on
the world stage.

Launched online first, the campaign was driven by a variety of
different interactions and experiences. By following ‘tunnels’
hidden in the film, fans could do everything from playing a
Nike-wearing version of Sonic the Hedeghog, to booking a
footballer’s haircut, to – of course – buying Nike kit.

Sports Industry news reported: “Nike football has revealed
that the ‘My Time Is Now’ campaign has been named the
brand’s most successful football campaign ever. Featuring
global icons including Cristiano Ronaldo, the ‘My Time is Now’
film has received over 39m views (30m flat film views & 9m
interactive film views across all platforms) and is the fastest
growing Nike film ever.

Consumer engagement has reached record levels for the brand, with fans reportedly spending an average of 6mins
18secs viewing the film and the “hidden tunnel” content that
rewards consumers who engage with the film.

It was the world's most viewed ad on Youtube in 2012. 

Stride Mintacular

We picked up the Stride gum business from Kraft at the end
of 2011. Our first work broke in the US this year and, timed to
precede the launch of iPhone 5, we launched the Mintacular
variant with a spoof of Apple’s product launches.

In the run-up to the launch we posted a mystery billboard in
Apple style, featuring nothing but a date. Two weeks later we
revealed Stride Mintacular – “Chewing redefined. Again.”

Stride poster

We also launched a viral film that spoofs Apple’s product
launch videos, featuring gum engineers talking with awe
and wonder about the amazing new Mintacular, “the
most advanced celebrity-endorsed chewing product
we’ve ever launched.”


“A great parody and hilarious,” said the New York Times.


W+K won the Tesco business in autumn 2012 following
a competitive pitch. The scope of our assignment covers
all aspects of the Tesco business, including food, general
merchandise, banking, delivery services and clothing. Our
first task was to promote Tesco’s products and services in
the run-up to Christmas.

Tesco was looking for a single thought to focus all their
activity and communications. One that could help them to
connect with customers, and to unify all their 300,000 staff.
The idea we came up with was, ‘We make what matters
better, together’.

This helps to give new meaning and focus to the familiar Tesco
line ‘Every little helps’. As the country’s largest retailer, Tesco is
in a position to understand what really matters to people, and
to help make that better.

The Christmas campaign highlighted the little moments that
go to make Christmas special, and showed how Tesco could
help make them possible. This was a fully integrated campaign,
with the story played out on TV, in print, in store and online.

FUZE Tea – when this meets that

Coca-Cola awarded us the Fuze Tea business without a pitch
early in 2012. The new campaign, now rolling out across 27
markets, is based on the thought that everything great in
the universe is the result of ‘when this meets that’. Simple.
From when Big met Bang, to when Tea met Fruit, everything
great is always a combination of things. Fuze Tea is just
another example of this.

MoreAboutAdvertising said of the work: “Wieden + Kennedy
London has produced some brilliant ads in the years since the
celebrated Hall of Fame favourite for Honda Grrr announced a
major new force in agency-land but, arguably, nothing quite to
match this new mini-masterpiece, ‘WhenThis MeetsThat’.

Nando's – Find Yourself

In partnership with our new client Nando’s, we launched ‘Find Yourself,’ a campaign taking people on a voyage of
self-discovery through the world of PERi-PERi chicken.

The idea attributes different levels of the PERi-PERi spectrum to different character traits.

Nando's 1
Nando's 2

‘Find Yourself’ demonstrates that, no matter what type of person you
are, there’s a spice for you at Nando’s.

On Twitter, Nando’s predicted people's spice levels based on their
past Tweets. We also created a Facebook app, so the curious could
answer situation-based questions to ascertain their spice orientation.

Nando's 3

On Spotify, ads offered up a different spice for
listeners, based on the music they’re into. So if you appreciate distorted power chords
marinated in barbaric bass, you’ll like your chicken Extra Hot. Whereas if
you’d rather something a little more alternative, Drum ‘n’ Yodel perhaps,
then Mango and Lime’s for you.






Tactical press extended the idea by tying in 'Find Yourself' with current events.

Nando's 4

If you haven't tried it yet, click here to find out which PERi-PERi spice reflects your personality.

Lactofree – Listen up, hedgehogs!

In February 2012, we launched the new Lactofree campaign.
The star of the ad was a hedgehog (Madison), because
hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. The spot showed our lady
hedgehog wandering around her local supermarket and
daydreaming about all the wonderful dairy moments she
misses out on- creamy coffees in Paris, buttery crumpets
round a campfire, cheesy pizza on a romantic date.

The ad explains that lots of us suffer from Lactose intolerance,
but that we can still enjoy dairy. Lactose is the sugar in dairy,
which is what causes digestive issues for most people.
Lactofree make real dairy products- milks, spreads, cheeses
ice cream, yogurts etc, that have the lactose taken out. So
with Lactofree, the dairy kingdom can once more be yours.

Finally, a couple of campaigns from over there that did rather well over here this year.

P&G – Proud Sponsor of Mums

Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland for P&G's sponsorship of London 2012 to honour the amazing mothers behind Olympic
athletes, “Best Job” shows the hard work all mums do to
raise their children—a lifetime of chauffeuring their children
about, washing their clothes, providing meals on the run and
supporting them at practices and competitions—all to see
their children succeed. The hardest job in the world, is the
best job in the world.

Among many honours, this spot won the 2012 Emmy for outstanding commercial.

Southern Comfort – Whatever's Comfortable

The 'Whatever's Comfortable' campaign, created by W+K New York, launched in the UK this autumn and immediately made an impact.

James Brown wrote in Sabotage Times: "So have you seen it yet? The advert some are the calling the best ever made? Certainly the funniest around right now. Not only is the new Southern Comfort commercial the best
on television right now it also applies an aspect of feminism for barrel-chested, beer-bellied sex gods.


So, that was 2012 for us. How was it for you?

Happy Cravendale cats with thumbs Christmas!

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 20.49.10

Bertrum Thumbcat, of Cravendale fame, decided that Christmas was the perfect excuse to use holiday paraphenalia to disguise his recruits.
So we updated his Facebook app to assist him with his ongoing quest
to take over the world (and steal all the Cravendale therein).
You can find the Christmasified version of the app
. Enjoy!
Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 20.50.12

Epic Straws

As well as taking over the world, one milkman at the time, Bertrum Thumbcat is yet again back. This time, his paw and thumbprints are (literally) all over Cravendale’s new on-pack promotion – Epic Straws

What, on the surface, may look like a fun toy for milk-loving kids, is actually a cunning customizable tool for stealing milk – Extreme Pilfering Instrument for Cravendale. By getting them into every household in the country, his comrades are perfectly placed to pilfer the Cravendale when the feline uprising happens.

Bertrum has even written and produced a film to promote the offer:

Is there no end to his thumbed talents?

Not on our watch, pussies!

Megalomaniac thumbcat Bertrum is back and he's got a plan. 
A big, evil plan to steal our Cravendale milk: he's brainwashing innocent milkmen to work as his milk-pilfering henchmen. Yes! 
But we're on to his scheme, and Cravendale has a message for Betrum and his gang: 
The new campaign broke on TV this evening.
You can also follow Bertrum on Facebook and Twitter.
Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 10.42.27
And your cat can join his thumbcat army.
Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 10.42.58

They’re back. And this time they’ve brought their thumbs. Again.

Batten down the cat flaps and keep a close eye on your Cravendale, because the cats with thumbs are back! Remember them?

We’ve uncovered alarming new evidence that shows their leader, Bertrum, is actively recruiting and coughing up fur balls of propaganda all over the internet.

The full extent of Bertrum’s plan will be exposed this Saturday night – you can join Cravendale on Twitter or Facebook to discuss the broadcast, and share your ideas for keeping pesky kitties at bay. We hear a ball of wool is a most effective method of distraction. Or you may prefer to keep tabs on Bertrum via his Facebook page and Twitter feed.

And remember: the cuter they are, the less they can be be trusted.