Meet BOB

Bringing a sunny splash to the dairy aisle

The fridges at W+K London have been stocked with a sunny crop of yellow-topped milk containers lately —  a departure from the expected blue, green, and red versions we’re used to choosing from for our midday cuppa. This splashy new addition promises BOB (“Best of Both”): a fat-free milk with all the taste of semi-skimmed. Who says you can’t have it all?

Arla BOB TVC Still02

W+K’s newest 30” TVC for Arla celebrates BOB and a radiant new outlook on dairy shopping. Taking place in a town called “Compromise,” the ad follows the transformation of its inhabitants after they’re introduced to BOB.

Arla BOB TVC Still04

Once drab, grey, and restrained, Compromise starts to look luminous and energised with the dazzling new dairy option to brighten up every bowl of cereal across town.

Arla BOB TVC Still05

In addition to bringing a sweet smile to viewers’ faces, the launch of BOB is part of Arla’s drive to support farmer owners and innovate through its products. Give it a watch and keep an eye out for the yellow tops in your nearest supermarket. Compromise in the milk aisle is a thing of the past, and the world is sunnier for it!


Arla encourages Finland to #StayStrong

This month the long, dark Finnish nights have been made a little bit brighter as stories of everyday Finnish strength have been projected onto buildings and landmarks throughout the country.

The messages are part of a new campaign from W+K to promote Arla Protein, a campaign that celebrates the Finnish quality of 'sisu', which encourages Finns to stay strong against all that January can throw at them.
Protein products are usually aimed at the gym-bunnies amongst us but, whilst it takes a certain strength to lift weights whilst wearing lycra, it also takes strength to wait at a bus-stop when it's -18 degrees out. It takes strength to figure out how to actually assemble the complicated ab-crunching machine you got for Christmas. Hell, it takes strength to fight through snow drifts for months, only be plagued by mosquitos when the hot weather comes.
Stories of Finnish strength also form the basis for the striking OOH campaign which will be live for the next few weeks and this is amplified across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via the #PSYSLUJANA hashtag (#STAYSTRONG).
Dog Walkers
Two winters ago January, Jalo Koskinen fell into the Baltic Sea while walking his dog. He was able to climb back out, but the sea had taken one of his shoes. So he dove back in to retrieve it.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, dog walkers of Finland.


Avant garde Art

A student of from the Helsinki University of Art and Design, was once invited to show his work at the modern museum of art in New York City. The night before he was to ship his final project, the janitors found it, mistook it for a piece of scrap metal, and threw it into the recyclable bin. He went on to become one of Helsinki’s most renowned artists, but he still has to guard his work from the janitors. 

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, aspiring artists of Finland.


Long book

Emilia from Turvo has been reading Hugo’s Les Miserables in its original French, she only has 674 pages left to go. 

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, Emilia.

Ab cruncher


In an effort help him reach his weight loss goal, Heikki Marttila’s daughter has given him an “ab-crunching machine” for Christmas. Heikki hopes to have the machine assembled by March.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, resolution makers of Finland.

Metro OOH Blue_Page_2

Early last autumn, two business associates were riding a crowded train to work when the train shifted and one of them was forced to place his hand on the other’s backside for stability. Rather than pull away and draw attention to the hand, the second man remained perfectly still until his colleague had regained his balance. Neither party has spoken of the incident since.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, public transport users of Finland.

Metro OOH Blue_Page_1

In January of 2011, a stuffed panda named Gustaf was lost on the Helsinki underground. He was reunited with his family 3 months later at the Eira metro station, but he was no longer the Gustaf they knew.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, stuffed toy lovers of Finland.

6 sheet OOH

Eventually the snow will melt. And then will come the mosquitos.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, Finland. 

Arla’s new campaign reminds Sweden of the importance of breakfast

All around the world, our busy lifestyles and action packed schedules are resulting in people making less and less time for breakfast. Arla Foods wants to turn this trend on its head in one of its core markets with a playful new campaign reminding people to make time for breakfast.

Tid för Frukost, the next chapter in Arla's Let in the Goodness campaign, launched in Sweden on 26th October, the day when the country sets its clocks back an hour. Since the entire nation gains an hour in its day, Arla asked, why not use this extra hour for breakfast?

From 13th to 26th October, two spots (Miss Clock and Backwards Talker) aired on TV, featuring non-actors and interesting personalities bringing the message to life. Stylised visuals echo a beloved piece of Swedish popular culture, the government public service announcement (‘anslagstavlan’), accompanied by a vintage jingle.

The rest of the campaign is rolling out over the next month, with TV and VOD using non-actors to champion the power of a healthy breakfast to set people up for the day. A philosopher explains how it doesn’t make rational sense to skip breakfast, a young marine biologist compares the sound of hunger to that of whales, a relationship expert explains that making time for breakfast means making time for love and finally, a Swedish strongwoman champions the power of a healthy breakfast to set people up for the day. 

In the meantime, Arla's Facebook page helps breakfast lovers get their fix – and reluctant breakfast eaters to embrace the meal – with short “alarm” films appear on feeds between 7-9am each morning, reminding Swedes to have breakfast with a variety of alerts, clocks and singing kettles, and these guys:

Keep an eye out for more early morning inspiration on Arla's campaign microsite. Smaklig måltid!

let in the goodness

After a few months of immersing ourselves in the deliciousness of dairy and learning about how different cultures consume Arla products, we're excited to reveal our first international brand campaign for Arla, introducing the new natural goodness platform. 
The global re-launch campaign aims to unify the dairy brand across different markets and communicate the Let in the goodness message in an emotional way, encouraging the public to make the most of the day, whatever it may hold.
The concept of natural goodness  is based on extensive research into the unique role dairy products play in consumers’ everyday lives, nourishing both body and soul. Whether it’s slurping an overflowing glass of milk or munching on buttered toast, Arla wants to highlight dairy as the thread of natural goodness that runs through life and prepares us for greatness each and every day.
The TV spot was directed by Mark Molloy, giving a glimpse into the morning routines of a broad cast of characters, juxtaposing familiar moments with a rousing voiceover that echoes the rhetoric of historical speeches
The print and outdoor campaign was shot by amateur photographer Stephanie Congdon Barnes of US blog 3191 Miles Apart in a natural, un-staged style, featuring her own friends and family.  

We’ve also developed several product-focused campaigns across the Natural goodness platform, starting with Arla Kærgarden butter in Germany and a campaign supporting Arla Finland’s commitment to sourcing local milk. 


There's much more dairy goodness to come from Arla in 2014, so keep an eye out for new work supporting Arla Buko cream cheese and the Arla Ko breakfast range. 

Cut + Run’s The Quarterly: Lurpak Edition

Last night, on the eve of the hottest day so far this year, agency and production house friends of Cut + Run escaped the heat amidst cold fans and delicious pineapple cocktails for the July edition of The Quarterly, an event that brings together and celebrates the talent in the creative industries.
Lurpak Quarterly Invite July 2
On the agenda this month was our very own work for – and relationship with – Lurpak, which has been recognised in high places recently. In a talk and Q&A hosted by Toby Abbott, MD of Cut + Run, and Jason Stone of David Reviews, Client Christian, AD Katja, and CD Sam, supported by Planning Director Theo, tapped into a Star Trek analogy to explain the creative process behind their latest campaign for Lurpak Cook's Range, Adventure Awaits. From JFK speeches to Ratatouille quotes, their presentation provided a fascinating insight into the client-agency relationship, creative risk-taking, working with Director Dougal Wilson, and what makes the Lurpak brand it is today.
A few of our favourite learnings from the team include:
_Put aside received knowledge to seek out alien wisdom.
_Logic can only get you so far – instict makes the difference between what's right and what's brilliant.
_Artifice is the enemy, authenticity pulls the viewer in.
_If it doesn't scare us, we're doing it wrong.
We'd like to warmly thank Toby and the Cut + Run team for their generous hosting, Jason for his perceptive Q&A session, and our wonderful Lurpak client, Christian for coming down to London for the talk.
Oh, and the caterers, for those delicious little glasses of Lurpak ice cream on offer around during the evening.
For more photos of the event, check out Cut + Run's Facebook page.

Three more gold, two silver and two bronze Lions for W+K London at Cannes

Our week at Cannes was rounded off on a nice metallic note, with a grand total of eight Lions. Following Monday’s Creative Effectiveness Lion for Lurpak Weave Your Magic, Saturday’s Film and Film Craft ceremony saw two more campaigns pick up awards.

Honda Hands won a silver Lion for visual effects and sound design in Film Craft, and a bronze for corporate image in Film.

Lurpak Adventure Awaits was awarded three Gold Lions for direction, cinematography and sound design in the Film Craft jury, and a bronze Lion for savoury foods in Film. The campaign was also picked by Ian Armstrong of Jaguar as one of his three great ads he admires but has nothing to do with. Ian said ‘what Lurpak are doing for me right now is they’re recognising there’s an elegance to their brand.’ 


It’s equally nice to know that we played a part in the UK’s overall success in the Film Craft category. Collectively, UK agencies picked up 17 Film Craft Lions, over half of those they were shortlisted for.


A week of triumph for Lurpak’s ‘Adventure Awaits’

Our Adventure Awaits spot for Lurpak has enjoyed quite a week! 

On Thursday it was awarded first place in the March/April Thinkboxes.

And then last night it picked up two more gongs for telly: a FAB gold and a FABUOUS grand prix plate at the Food and Beverages Creative Excellence Awards




Adventure Awaits in Private View

Campaign 020514 Private View Lurpak

We opened this morning's edition of Campaign to find our latest campaign for Lurpak, Adventure Awaits, noted by Private View's 'Suit' and 'Creative' alike.

Says Richard Arscott, MD of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, "It does a great job of carrying the brand’s value yet embracing the "new frontier" of Cook’s Range products with its space theme. […] And it moves the campaign on just enough for me not to think they’re caught making the same ad again."

Read the full online article here.

An Edible Wonder Awaits

To celebrate the launch of Adventure Awaits, our brand new campaign for Lurpak Cook’s Range, we enlisted the talented Juliet Sear of Fancy Nancy Cakes, our social media baker for Cravendale (and creator of Tony's life-size birthday cake) to create a truly adventurous cake to reflect our creative executions – both figuratively and literally speaking.

And yes, it tasted as good as it looks!