Because Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is looming, and yet again the internet is full to the brim with clichéd romantic imagery — basically anything red and heart-shaped. Rather predictably, the
most searched for Valentine's gift ideas include lingerie, flowers and diamond rings.*

Chambord says Bof to that.

Chambord is a French raspberry liqueur in a brilliantly over-the-top gold bottle. And in true French style, Chambord's essence is about doing what you like, not what’s expected.

This is precisely why Chambord and Wieden+Kennedy have turned Valentine's clichés on their head with a series of shorts. From a diamond-munching ring box to a dozen red bowling balls, you'll find the animations disrupting social feeds filled with typical Valentine’s gift ideas, encouraging people to do what they like instead. #BecauseNoReason**

Says our very own Anna-Claire Clendon, Digital and Interactive Strategist: "As women we are exposed to an enormous amount of pressure to prepare for the perfect Valentine's Day. It's all rather prescriptive: what to wear, what to bake, how to apply the perfectly winged eyeliner. Chambord is one of the only brands calling on women to care a little less and, if they want to, embrace the frivolity of Valentine's Day."

Now that's an attitude we can certainly get behind. Watch the animations below for the full Chambord Valentine's experience.

*Bing Search Insights

**These animations follow last year's bizarrely wonderful #BecauseNoReason campaign launch.

Why do gifts from the heart have to be heart shaped? The parallelogram is just as loving. #ValentinesGifts #GiftCliches #ChambordRoyaleInstead

Not all lovebirds love the rose. Some lovebirds prefer the bowling ball. What makes your heart go boom, boom, boom? #ValentinesGift

The gift that makes the heart flip flop is not always the shiniest. Sometimes it’s the tastiest. #Valentines #ValentinesGift #BecauseNoReason

Meet BOB

Bringing a sunny splash to the dairy aisle

The fridges at W+K London have been stocked with a sunny crop of yellow-topped milk containers lately —  a departure from the expected blue, green, and red versions we’re used to choosing from for our midday cuppa. This splashy new addition promises BOB (“Best of Both”): a fat-free milk with all the taste of semi-skimmed. Who says you can’t have it all?

Arla BOB TVC Still02

W+K’s newest 30” TVC for Arla celebrates BOB and a radiant new outlook on dairy shopping. Taking place in a town called “Compromise,” the ad follows the transformation of its inhabitants after they’re introduced to BOB.

Arla BOB TVC Still04

Once drab, grey, and restrained, Compromise starts to look luminous and energised with the dazzling new dairy option to brighten up every bowl of cereal across town.

Arla BOB TVC Still05

In addition to bringing a sweet smile to viewers’ faces, the launch of BOB is part of Arla’s drive to support farmer owners and innovate through its products. Give it a watch and keep an eye out for the yellow tops in your nearest supermarket. Compromise in the milk aisle is a thing of the past, and the world is sunnier for it!


Artistic Inspiration or Appropriation?


When does advertising “go too far” in referencing art, culture, or sourcing inspiration? Who “owns” a creative concept, and is the very idea of such ownership productive and practical?

In the midst of Super Bowl season — when many of the world’s top agencies release a slew of virtually sure-to-be-seen TVCs — the BBC interrogated the topic of when advertisers “over[step] the mark — particularly when they reference the work of artists.”

It’s a contentious issue, to be sure, and our very own MD, Neil Christie, was duly asked to comment on the BBC story. “It becomes tricky where there are a few sources of inspiration, one of which might be something which was a similar concept to something that appeared in a piece of work by an artist,” said Christie.

This is but a sliver of the story, which you can read in full on the BBC website. Delve into the debate and comment below to share your thoughts.

Could you be one of The Kennedys?

Kennedys Poster
Calling all those creatively minded who would like to walk in Dave Kennedy's shoes. Our W+K co-founder Dave is a larger than life spirit known for his left-field thought tinkering, insightful art direction, and signature shaggy beard. In the spirit of this fearlessness, W+K London and W+K Amsterdam are each searching for six of today's brightest young creatives.

The Kennedys — not to be confused with the sitcom of the same name! — is a creative incubator program hosted here in our W+K London agency for the first time this year — and now for the sixth consecutive year in our Amsterdam office. Our very own Executive Creative Director, Tony Davidson, aptly describes it as a "crash course in creative chaos" — a chance to dive into the deep end of our cultural pool. From June to the end of the year, the chosen candidates will work as a 'shop-in-shop,' tackling real agency assignments and briefs under the guidance of our innovative, driven team.

It's an opportunity for movers, doers, thinkers, schemers, and plotters of all persuasions — from animators to tech developers and everyone in between — to grow and flourish at our agency and produce tangible work. In our search, we're widening the proverbial net: the final six may not have any agency experience, or have worked in a communications role in the past. It's vision and a unique point-of-view we're after, allowing us to cultivate the freshest new talent while learning from them at the same time.

Entries for The Kennedys are open now until 15 March to candidates eligible to live and work in Europe. Think you fit the bill, or know someone who does? Visit for more information, and to apply.

work life

Iona Patterson joined us for a fortnight on work experience helping out on a whole range of briefs across the agency. In a piece on her time here, she talks about her thoughts and experiences. Take a read! 



First things first, I need to get this off my chest. I broke a cup this morning.  I’m sorry. Luckily nobody saw and I swept it up before the production teams got back from their meeting, so don’t tell anyone.I’m 24 years old and had no clue what area of media/advertising I wanted to get into. It was scary, yet exciting. But, 2 weeks later and TAH-DAH, I know I want to be a producer. (I think).
Honestly, I think working here has just spoilt me. The dynamic of this company is so incredible; it is so creative, innovative, friendly, and cool. I feel as if I’ve been invited into a little family- everyone greeting me in the morning and when I leave, inviting me for coffees, keeping me in the loop for small projects I’ve helped on and all giving me helpful advice about how to further my career. 
I’ve grown attached to my desk and my laptop and I don’t want to leave. There’s  even a table tennis table over here in Wilkes (although I didn’t get to play … I’m blaming Josh with the hat from Creative who told me I could play the winner and  then never came back). It’s okay, don’t feel too sorry for me. I only cried for about half an hour and then drowned my sorrow in a Bleecker St. burger and sweet potato fries.
Big up to Mike Waywell and Ollie Pym on the Nike Account who put up with my constant questions and annoying presence – I was just lurking around their table making bad jokes whilst they tried to teach me about their jobs and find projects for me to do. You guys were so helpful and generous with your time and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the week with you.
In production, shout out to Lou who showed me scripts, treatments and taught me about what to look for whilst choosing a director. To Emma and Tom who brought me to the post house and let me watch them work their production magic on their latest task and again, answered all my questions. To Rich Adkins, my desk buddy, for just being an all round amazing human and giving me such an insight into this life. 
To Ellie, Alex and Helena who taught me the ins and out of business affairs. And to James Guy; I owe this whole incredible experience to you. You got my foot in the door and I won't forget it.
Big thanks to everyone who works here – you have all been amazing and I can’t wait to come back in a few years- when I’ve gotten more experience under my belt – and work here. I will work here. 

Tough love or soft love?

Winter has truly kicked in. Seems everyone is coughing and spluttering all over the place. Well don’t fret as we’ve launched a new campaign for Halls which aims to be the first ever to take care of people when they’re not feeling great.


The work dials up the strong and gentle variants of Halls cough drops, and plays on the truth that some of us react to tough love (think motivational, no-nonsense approach to illness) whilst others just prefer to be hugged and pampered. You know, soft love.


We featured John C McGinley as the face of both ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Soft Love’. Best known for his roles in ‘Platoon’ and ‘Scrubs’, he portrays both Halls characters in the eleven pieces of film content which’ll leave you feeling better.



L Gallery: Ropes Laces

New Year, new residents in the L Gallery! 


We welcome Ropes to the W+K reception this week, a young accessories brand founded in 2013 by Alex Williams and Charlotte Kendon. Ropes' sole intent is to elevate your kicks, and in a world where ‘Candy Floss’, ‘Carbon’, ‘Desert Sky’ and ‘Diamond’ collide, you can be sure to find the perfect shade for your sneaker.


FullSizeRender (1)

The brand celebrate many cultural moments with special edition packs: Crepe City’s 5th Anniversary, Back to the Future Day and Sneakerness Zurich. Last year they also worked closely with Nike to release the momentous 'OG Neon Pack'. 

Image2 (3)



Image1 (6)


Stocked worldwide, find your fit in Nike Town London, Footpatrol, Offspring, Titolo Zurich, and selected stores from South America to South East Asia and beyond.





Follow Ropes on the ol' socials…
Instagram / Twitter / Facebook: @ropeslaces 
(Site under construction!)

Nice results for our clients in 2015 YouTube Leaderboard

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.54.43 PM

The YouTube UK leaderboard for 2015 was just published. They said
“Check out the top 10 most viewed ads that have been enjoyed by millions and millions of people around the world thanks to the truly brilliant marketing minds of our age. From the heartwarming to the daring, these are the ads that moved viewers in 2015.” 
We are the only UK agency with two ads in YouTube’s 2015 top five: Three Make It Right at #3 and Honda Ignition at #4. Nice.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 9.54.29 PM

(This is a repeat performance for Three as ‘Sing it Kitty’ also made the YouTube top ten last year, at #6.)

Here are those ads again, in all their glory.