W+K launches new campaign for Halls

Wieden+Kennedy London and Halls have teamed up to launch a new campaign in North America and Canada that aims to be the first to take care of its audience when they’re not feeling great.

Promoting the strong and gentle variants of Halls cough drops, the campaign plays on the truth that people like two types of love when they’re under the weather: ‘Tough Love’ – for a motivational no-nonsense approach to care, or ‘Soft Love’ – for those who prefer to be hugged and pampered when sick.

The spot opens from a first-person perspective of 'you' sick in bed. Turning 'your' head left receives tough care and then right receives soft care. As the spot progresses, the care from both sides ramps up as each character tries to offer alternatives to make you feel better and out-do the other.

The campaign is brought to life by John C McGinley of ‘Platoon’ and ‘Scrubs’ fame. He looks after you as ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Soft Love’ characters in eleven pieces of film content that’ll leave you feeling better.

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