W+K and Arla launch new campaign

W+K have teamed up with Arla to unveil a colorful new campaign to launch Arla Best of Both (BOB): the UK’s first fat free skimmed milk that tastes as good as semi-skimmed.

To distinguish BOB in the milk aisle, it’s packaged with a bright yellow top that sets it apart from the traditionally blue, green and red topped milk.

The campaign kicks off with a 30 second TVC spot entitled ‘Welcome to Compromise.’ The ad revolves around the inhabitants of a town called Compromise who have been living in a joyless world of restraint until their lives are changed forever from the day of BOB’s unexpected appearance. The ad is a tongue in cheek celebration of what it means to bring a “Best of Both” promise to milk drinkers who compromise with their milk choices.

Bold splashes of yellow are brought to the town when an unexpected parcel arrives. Inside are neatly packed rows of BOB in ice boxes, which goes against everything the town has ever known. Word spreads as taste, texture and colour energise glasses of milk, cups of tea and bowls of muesli across the town of Compromise. A true transformation takes place. With people everywhere now wearing yellow outfits, Compromise has indeed gone yellow doolally.

Sarah Baldwin, Vice President, Marketing, Arla Foods UK, comments: “According to our research, 49% of semi-skimmed buyers say they would buy skimmed but don’t like the texture and 33% would buy skimmed but don’t like the taste. Our new ad celebrates the fact that we’re bringing a completely new “Best of Both” promise to milk drinkers: compromise in the milk aisle is a thing of the past.”

Sophie Bodoh, a Creative at Wieden+Kennedy, commented: “The milk aisle is a place of autopilot where people tend to just reach for their usual red, green or blue top. We needed people to notice this new yellow top milk. So we hit them with a big, bright burst of yellow and made that the focus of our story.”

The TV ad is part of an integrated marketing campaign featuring, shopper, outdoor 48 sheets, six sheets, press, digital and social media.

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