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Iona Patterson joined us for a fortnight on work experience helping out on a whole range of briefs across the agency. In a piece on her time here, she talks about her thoughts and experiences. Take a read! 



First things first, I need to get this off my chest. I broke a cup this morning.  I’m sorry. Luckily nobody saw and I swept it up before the production teams got back from their meeting, so don’t tell anyone.I’m 24 years old and had no clue what area of media/advertising I wanted to get into. It was scary, yet exciting. But, 2 weeks later and TAH-DAH, I know I want to be a producer. (I think).
Honestly, I think working here has just spoilt me. The dynamic of this company is so incredible; it is so creative, innovative, friendly, and cool. I feel as if I’ve been invited into a little family- everyone greeting me in the morning and when I leave, inviting me for coffees, keeping me in the loop for small projects I’ve helped on and all giving me helpful advice about how to further my career. 
I’ve grown attached to my desk and my laptop and I don’t want to leave. There’s  even a table tennis table over here in Wilkes (although I didn’t get to play … I’m blaming Josh with the hat from Creative who told me I could play the winner and  then never came back). It’s okay, don’t feel too sorry for me. I only cried for about half an hour and then drowned my sorrow in a Bleecker St. burger and sweet potato fries.
Big up to Mike Waywell and Ollie Pym on the Nike Account who put up with my constant questions and annoying presence – I was just lurking around their table making bad jokes whilst they tried to teach me about their jobs and find projects for me to do. You guys were so helpful and generous with your time and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the week with you.
In production, shout out to Lou who showed me scripts, treatments and taught me about what to look for whilst choosing a director. To Emma and Tom who brought me to the post house and let me watch them work their production magic on their latest task and again, answered all my questions. To Rich Adkins, my desk buddy, for just being an all round amazing human and giving me such an insight into this life. 
To Ellie, Alex and Helena who taught me the ins and out of business affairs. And to James Guy; I owe this whole incredible experience to you. You got my foot in the door and I won't forget it.
Big thanks to everyone who works here – you have all been amazing and I can’t wait to come back in a few years- when I’ve gotten more experience under my belt – and work here. I will work here. 

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