last bunch of newbies for 2015

As the year comes to an end, let's look at the last lot of new faces that have walked through the doors…


Rob Meldrum joined us a while back as a Freelancer, we've now convinced him to stay permanently in the role of Director of Experience Architecture. Rob's had quite a few travelling experiences such as hanging out with Orang-utans in Borneo, riding a motorbike through the mountains in Vietnam (he'd never ridden a motorbike before) and teaching English to Lao Monks. In Lao. (Obviously). We're happy to have Rob here as a perm member of the W+K family.

Xueling Wang joins our Design team after a 6 week work placement. She loved it so much, and we loved her so much, that she's staying for good! She has recently graduated from the Royal College of Art and has totally impressed us with some beautifully crafted and animated typefaces, as well as being super talented in print, animation and a bit of interactive design too. 

Scott.kelly Ben.polkinghorne

Ben and Scott are one of the latest additions to our Creative department. They joined us from New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO where they've worked for the last few years. 

A fun fact about BenOutside of work, burritos are his biggest hobby. In New Zealand Ben reviewed them as a hobby and really carved out a niche for himself. This led to him then starting a company which makes sausages, that taste like burritos. They are stocked in NZ supermarkets and down the line he would like to bring them here. 

A fun fact about ScottBecause Scott is an odd ball, he created a flag design for 100 planets of the Star Wars universe. Since he began Scott has had several of the flags produced in China and had senior management at his former agency pitch it to Disney. According to Wookipedia (wikipedia for Star Wars – yes it exists), there are another 180 planets needing his attention. You can have a look at the work at:

Tess.gaertner Tom.hall

The final new victims in our Creative Department are Tom and Tess. They join our brill Nike team. Tom is really into football, Tess is really into running. Tess once got groped by Ben Affleck on a shoot and Tom's mum used to embarrass him by making him dance in a load of recitals and plays (she owned a dance school). They've settled into agency life well and we're happy to have them here! 

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