what a shindig

We've been working with crisps brand Tyrrells since we won the account towards the end of 2014. We've loved getting under the (potato) skin of the products (sorry), diving into the brand, getting to know the brilliant clients and putting on a collective 1kg per week in weight just tasting the bad boys.

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And today we launched the brand's first ever advertising campaign. No longer reliant solely on PR, word of mouth and just retail drives, Tyrrells has found its voice. And it's an incredibly English and eccentric voice which quite rightly places the crisps at the heart of spontaneous gatherings.

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After all, these are the finest crisps in the world and the ones you want to be whipping out when that casual Christmas catch-up at home turns into an all-nighter, by way of three glasses of mulled wine.

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The outdoor campaign bursts onto billboards of London and the South East over the next couple of weeks. And when you do spy one of the posters, perhaps ponder that each crisp was shot by photographer Qiu Yang over 30 times to capture all the levels of focus and details to showcase it in its glory. Hence why it took 21 hours of photography all-told! Plus the hours searching through 360 bags of crisps to find the 'hero' crisps to feature.

Work life

For the past six months we were lucky enough to have a pair of extra hands helping out and adding value around the agency. 
Mark Burrell joined us for an internship as part of the Hackney 100 programme. This scheme offers young people aged 16 or 17 the opportunity to gain work experience at high-profile local companies in Hackney. We were happy to welcome Mark into the office and extremely proud to be part of the programme for Hackney. 
Mark has written up his thoughts about this time with us and by the sounds of it he enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having him. 
Don't be a stranger Mark – come back soon!

My name is Mark Burrell and I was lucky enough to be awarded a six-month internship at W+K through a scheme called Hackney 100. This project, set up by Hackney Council, aims to “bring the Saturday job into the 21st century”. Hackney 100 required a personal statement and numerous interviews in order to be part of the “100” whom get interviews with companies/institutions. At this stage I was awarded an interview with W+K and thankfully a week later I received an email giving me the thumbs up for the internship. The interview wasn’t your standard “what makes you qualified for this role” structure, I was actually surprised to find how personal yet professional the interview was. The question, which stood out for me the most, was “What’s your favourite dish to cook” – I still think my answer shocked my interviewer.

As soon as I walked into W+K for my interview, I knew that I would love it here. The office is so full of life and personality – the complete opposite to a standard, white-washed office. The office seems alive with its own identity: when you walk in, a suited mannequin greets you with a blender as a head. I was shocked to see that a global company like W+K can be so diverse in itself and also allow the people who make it up to express themselves so freely; more companies should take on this approach. The moment I first ever walked into the office I saw people with vibrant hair colours, tattoos and piercings, which my school and many other people consider inappropriate in the world of work. They couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone I’ve seen and met around the office takes their work very seriously so the client receives the best work. The people here are very passionate about the work they produce and they’re not afraid to stand up for it. 

I joined W+K when I was 17 and at this age thought people here would consider me as immature or not give me much work to do. I couldn’t have been more wrong: on my very first day I was helping making Vines for a client campaign. Not once have I been treated like a “child” which I thought would happen as I’m just an intern, and I’ve been given advice and had the opportunity to meet and talk to many different people from a range of different departments, which has made my time here even more valuable.

I’ve had an amazing time working for W+K London and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss it. The people but also the work have made this an amazing experience for me, one that I won’t forget in a hurry. My 6 months here have taught me so much about advertising as a whole but have also helped me grow in confidence and the ability to express myself more freely. I’ve been given so much advice and have even changed my university choice from geography to fine art. I honestly think that my time here gave me the confidence boost to do so. I have even considered advertisement as a career path and would love to come back to W+K in the future. Thank you for giving me this experience. My advice for anyone considering doing an internship or work placement here is DO IT! I’ve learnt so much in such a short period of time and have developed skills, which I am now able to take on with me at university and hopefully return with.

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‘Tis the season for giving (isn’t it?)

On Thursday 3rd December we will play host to YTFN - that's the youth offshoot of The Funding Network – for spot of charity crowd-funding.
YTFN is a group that holds regular events in London featuring free booze, good-hearted folk and the opportunity to hear fantastic pitches from youth-orientated charities followed by crowdfunding, as those present donate to the organisations that have impressed them the most.
W+Ker Will is on the YTFN committee so is set to bring the next event to Hanbury Street where we'll be hearing pitches from Charis CoachesFind My Style and Reaching Higher.
Tickets to the event here at W+K London are available here.
Entry is £10 which includes booze (kindly provided by Kernel Brewery), nibbles and your first £10 to pledge.
If you haven't experienced the feeling of euphoria you get after getting slightly trollied and pledging £75 to a wonderful charity who've just bowled you over with their dynamite pitch then you need to try this.

WWF #EndangeredEmoji wins twice at The Drum Social Buzz Awards

WWF #EndangeredEmoji picked up two awards at The Drum Social Buzz awards. #EndangeredEmoji is a first of a kind Twitter-based fundraising campaign launched by WWF. Its objective is to help raise awareness of and protect endangered species around the world. We were honoured to win for the Best Use Of Twitter and Best Charity/Not-for-profit Strategy. See the full list of winners here.

How to drink Chambord

Our #BecauseNoReason campaign for Chambord has been a huge success in positioning the brand as the champion of doing what you like.
But we wondered if people might still be a little unsure about exactly how to drink the lovely liquor… 
So we have just launched a series of 'how to' drink films.
Each focuses on a different cocktail.
Each is engaging.
Each is mouth watering.
Each is easy to follow.
Forget tutorials.
Forget bartender dos and don'ts.
The internet is awash with such 'how to's. YouTube is alive with instructional AV. It's so on-trend that over 100million hours of such content have already been watched in the US so far this year alone. To stand out from the crowd, we used targeted pre-roll to speak directly to our audience – the women feeling under pressure not to be themselves. We reminded them not to worry about being the perfect host. We assured them having the perfect style wasn't essential. Instead? Sit back and shake up a Chambord cocktail. 
You can view the fabulous four films here. And below. And then get making those Chambord cocktails at home. You know, #BecauseNoReason. 

Animal buzz

Our WWF #EndangeredEmoji campaign picked up two awards last night at The Drum Social Buzz awards. 



EndangeredEmoji is a first of a kind Twitter-based fundraising campaign launched by WWF. Its objective is to help raise awareness of and protect endangered species around the world. There were some strong contenders for the Best Use Of Twitter and the Best Charity/Not-for-profit Strategy categories but we were honoured to win both for WWF.


Here is one of the awards being safely transported home.

View the full list of winners here.

The Craft Comes First

Another fabulous haul for W+K London at the British Arrows Craft awards last night. 
Congratulations to everyone involved with our work for Honda, Finish, Lurpak, Three and Arla. 
3 GOLDS for Honda 'The Other Side' for best achievement in production, best colourist and best sound design 
1 GOLD for Finish 'Dishes' for best production design 
1 GOLD for Lurpak 'Freestyle' for best original music 
1 GOLD for Three 'Make It Right' for best live action VFX
1 SILVER for Arla SKyr 'The Messenger' for best production design 
Full list of all the award winners can be celebrated here
And full coverage of some of our winners can be laughed at here

quizzes and cakes

Last night our very own W+Ker's Jen, Dom and Silvan hosted a cracking general knowledge quiz in the basement of the agency. To coincide with the quiz we also hosted a bake sale to raise money in aid of St Joseph's Hospice. We've been raising money for St Joseph's since one of our beloved WK-ers, Cheryl Rogers, passed away there in January last year. 
Apparently we have quite a number of talented bakers amongst us here as a plethora of sweet and savoury treats adorned the kitchen.
But the best part was that we managed to raise over £300 for St Joseph's Hospice last night. Well done everyone.
Take a peak at some of the culinary delights that were on offer.