New Friends in the L Gallery

The L Gallery has been inhabited by some freakish but friendly felt figures made by the inimitable Felt Mistress, Louise Evans. The UK based stitcher and prolific tea drinker creates a range of one-off bespoke creatures with her partner-in-crime, illustrator Jonathan Edwards.
Originally trained in fashion design and millinery and with a background in bespoke dress design, Louise brings her whole sewing kit and tricks of the trade to the world of Character Design.
With the likes of Coca-Cola, Nickelodeon, Selfridges and Stylist Magazine amongst FM's collaborations, and counting Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals and Pete Fowler of Monsterism as special furry friends, Felt Mistress is the ultimate in creature couture. 

So let's give the newest members of the W+K fam a warm and heart-felt welcome! 

The Twins 

Frib and Drib (the Prib twins) are never apart. They appear like clockwork every winter and work their magic on the landscape. They enjoy placing frosted mittens on gateposts and shaking a snowy branch just as you're walking below it.


Trunk & Loggins

Trunk and Loggins are the two main members of the woodland quiz team, The Tree of Knowledge. Winters are spent revising obscure trivia and testing each other's knowledge for future quiz tournaments. They are based in the countryside surrounding Cardiff as they like to be close to the Only Connect studio. In their spare time they perform in the UK's only Dr Seuss-themed Add N to X tribute band "Add Ham to Eggs".


Anton Trench

Owner of Lemon Goon Records. Signed (amongst others) : Hot Mortar, Pale Nancy, Bag For Life and Ian's Dream. If you've heard of them then chances are he doesn't like them.

He's eager  to sign leading lights of Hoxton's "Bin-core" scene – Fronto Bonto and Ponto and is in the process of re-issuing The Grimble Twins long deleted experimental album "Vienetta Sunrise”.




Follow on Twitter: @mcfelty

Instagram: @feltmistress 

Blog: Felt Mistress

Photo Book 'Creature Couture' is available to purchase via Blank Slate Books.

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