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Ben Polkinghorne and Scott Kelly are our newest creative team, joining us all the way from New Zealand. Having now spent four weeks in London and two weeks with us, we asked them to share their thoughts so far. Here goes:

Perspective is pretty interesting.

Most people – including us – think New Zealand is at the bottom of the world.

Which is only the case because maps show north as ‘up’.

Which only happened because a long time ago Europeans designed the maps and decided to put themselves up there.

Which means this map is as correct as the one we’re all used to:


Ask Jeeves if you don’t believe us.

Turning the world upside down for a fresh perspective is one thing, but closer to or indeed, inside of home the humble power plug is also blowing our minds. They’re literally upside down.

Or are they?


Truth be told, there are many differences between our two great countries.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below, keep in mind while this stuff may seem normal to you; it ranges from interesting to truly bizarre for us.

-       You can drink on the street.

-       There’s no point running to catch a bus.

-       The money is made out of paper. Paper!

-       Traffic lights flash before turning green.

-       Squirrels run freely.

-       Amazing things happen with food, everywhere.

-       It’s your responsibility to make sure the bus is going the right way.

-       Chips are called ‘crisps’.

-       …and Queen size beds don’t exist, which is fairly ironic.

Moving to the other side of the world definitely changes your perspective; we’d highly recommend it. But moving to the other side of the world and getting to work at a place like W+K is a no brainer.

There’s only one downside – it’s hard to know where to find the best burrito.

That aside, we’ve been lucky to land here and are looking forward to doing the very best work of our lives, with some of the nicest and smartest people we’ve ever met.

People who just might feel compelled to swing past our desk, with a fresh perspective on finding the best burrito. 

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