W+K launches first brand campaign for Finish

RB and Wieden+Kennedy are embarking on a category redefining mission with leading dishwasher detergent brand Finish* this spring, beginning with the launch of a new marketing campaign. Premiering with a 40” TV spot, ‘Dishes,’ the brand repositioning campaign aims to shake up the household detergent category by focusing on the central role of dishes in people’s lives.

In a market dominated by product promotion and functional messaging, Finish is seeking to communicate to the public through the more meaningful language of real life in all its glory.

The film views life, and dirty dishes, through Finish’s dish obsessed lens, aiming to open viewers’ eyes to the dishes they’re surrounded by every day, especially the surprising dishes people don't notice, but Finish does. There's almost no activity in life that doesn't generate a dirty dish, but Finish has it covered.

Beginning with simple, obvious scenarios, as the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey from the mundane to the unexpected, all the way from an egg breakfast to existence itself. In each scene, dishes appear to float magically in formation, positioned just as they would be when stacked inside a dishwasher.

The campaign is the first to be developed by Wieden+Kennedy London since being awarded the Finish account by RB in 2014. The ‘Dishes’ film is supported by a product centric ‘Glasses’ spot, which promotes Finish’s Shine & Protect innovation, which helps protect glasses from corrosion. Focusing on a single glass, the film brings to life the diverse experiences its protagonist goes through in everyday life. The viewer's focus is held on the glass, which remains centred on the screen from scene to scene.

Both films were produced through Riff Raff with award winning directing collective Megaforce.

The new brand campaign aims to establish a new point of view for Finish, forming part of an integrated campaign.

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