Wieden+Kennedy and Three launch ‘Prepare Yourself’ for Feel at Home

Wieden+Kennedy and Three are back on the nation's screens and outdoor sites promoting Three's generous Feel At Home service, which lets customers use their phones abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations (including Spain and New Zealand, from April onwards).

The new campaign follows Three's 'Sorry for the holiday spam' campaign last year. Since then, over one million Three customers have been getting in on the action and sharing holiday spam from abroad.

Now, Three wants to help people prepare themselves for even more holiday spam. This year, even more of its customers will be using their phones in even more destinations.

The campaign launches with a 60″ TV spot, featuring buddies Chris, Max and Ronnie, who were able to spam everyone back home with the details of their life changing Bondi surf trip. Constantly.

The TV spot is supported suite of executions including cinema, VOD, press, social and radio; OOH and DOOH sites across the country make an example of holiday spammers, urging people to prepare themselves for more.

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