W+K x SheSays: embracing failure

W+K placement team Hanna Stenwall and Joyce Kremer are members of SheSays, an organisation for women in the creative industries. SheSays helped us host an event in our basement last night on the very W+K theme of embracing failure, where we shared some of our experience (and a few embarrassing photos) with their members.

Hanna and Joyce write:


 Fear of failure. It’s quite primal really. We’re a performance-driven breed, always planning for the worst case scenario. For some reason, we tend to think that the result of our work equals our worth as human beings. No wonder we fear failure. 

At W+K, you’re encouraged to ‘embrace failure’. The philosophy behind the legendary statement runs through the company’s veins. You can’t be blocked by fear when you're supposed to take risks. Without risks, the world would be predictable. Dull. Plain boring. A nightmare.


Yet we rarely take time to talk about this fear, what it does to us and how to overcome it. So that’s what we did. W+K and SheSays joined forces. Gathered some friends. Popped open some bottles of wine. Shared some stories. Basically, a lot of good things came out of it. 


Over 100 people came to the agency last night to find out how Helen, Vikki and Ray embrace their failures. We can say that it was quite a success. Even though we, not too surprisingly, feared failure.



Thank you to everyone who came, and everyone involved. Without you all, this would have been just another Wednesday night.

calling all doers: make the world a better place from your bedroom

We're putting out a nice brief for all you budding creatives. Without further ado:


We're looking for doers, and thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to do.

So use your internet powers for good. 

Set up social profiles, charities, websites or auctions.

Entertain people, introduce others, build or share.

You can do anything you want to, but remember that we don’t just want to see a good idea.

We want you to actually do something that makes the world a little bit better.

The deadline is 5pm 6th February 2015.

Show us what you've done in a 60 second film.

Email it to bedroom@wk.com

The top entrants will be invited to present their films at an event held by W+K London and The Young Creative Council.

The winner gets a placement. 

One more thing – please only apply if you have a permit to work in the EU. 

Honda on Location, In Pictures

Members of the Honda team recently returned from Spain, where they were shooting the forthcoming Honda campaign. Whilst we can’t give away too many details just yet, we thought we'd share a little taster of the trip.

The Reservoir dogs style ‘walking towards camera shot’.  


Some serious horsepower on set –


The fearless cameraman –


The whole shoot was of course powered by Honda generators.


Scott met his doppelganger.


The final part of the shoot was at night so the team huddled in the tent to keep warm.


And finally, the team, complete with Honda hats. From left to right: Martin, Max, Michelle, Max (low) Alex, Maria and Scott.


The post-production is already in full flow so watch this space for further updates.

Even More Madly Intense

In a follow-up to last year's Mad Intense campaign, Stride Gum has released another five mini films, fronted by their megalomanic Marketing Director, Donald. Donald's always banging on about how Mad Intense Stride gum is, and this year is no different. He says and does things no other marketing director would dare, all in the name of his gum.
In this new series of vignettes, Donald shamelessly promotes the new Stride watermelon Sour Patch Kids flavour, as well as the mint range that contains the "legal powder" he coined as Cooling Dust. 
Watch the films to see him in action – whether he's exploding a watermelon on his head, plucking a penguin out of the North Pole, or yelling at a performer dressed as a watermelon. Nothing can come in the way of Donald and his Mad Intense Stride Gum. 
Time to get chewing. 

Arla encourages Finland to #StayStrong

This month the long, dark Finnish nights have been made a little bit brighter as stories of everyday Finnish strength have been projected onto buildings and landmarks throughout the country.

The messages are part of a new campaign from W+K to promote Arla Protein, a campaign that celebrates the Finnish quality of 'sisu', which encourages Finns to stay strong against all that January can throw at them.
Protein products are usually aimed at the gym-bunnies amongst us but, whilst it takes a certain strength to lift weights whilst wearing lycra, it also takes strength to wait at a bus-stop when it's -18 degrees out. It takes strength to figure out how to actually assemble the complicated ab-crunching machine you got for Christmas. Hell, it takes strength to fight through snow drifts for months, only be plagued by mosquitos when the hot weather comes.
Stories of Finnish strength also form the basis for the striking OOH campaign which will be live for the next few weeks and this is amplified across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram via the #PSYSLUJANA hashtag (#STAYSTRONG).
Dog Walkers
Two winters ago January, Jalo Koskinen fell into the Baltic Sea while walking his dog. He was able to climb back out, but the sea had taken one of his shoes. So he dove back in to retrieve it.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, dog walkers of Finland.


Avant garde Art

A student of from the Helsinki University of Art and Design, was once invited to show his work at the modern museum of art in New York City. The night before he was to ship his final project, the janitors found it, mistook it for a piece of scrap metal, and threw it into the recyclable bin. He went on to become one of Helsinki’s most renowned artists, but he still has to guard his work from the janitors. 

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, aspiring artists of Finland.


Long book

Emilia from Turvo has been reading Hugo’s Les Miserables in its original French, she only has 674 pages left to go. 

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, Emilia.

Ab cruncher


In an effort help him reach his weight loss goal, Heikki Marttila’s daughter has given him an “ab-crunching machine” for Christmas. Heikki hopes to have the machine assembled by March.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, resolution makers of Finland.

Metro OOH Blue_Page_2

Early last autumn, two business associates were riding a crowded train to work when the train shifted and one of them was forced to place his hand on the other’s backside for stability. Rather than pull away and draw attention to the hand, the second man remained perfectly still until his colleague had regained his balance. Neither party has spoken of the incident since.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, public transport users of Finland.

Metro OOH Blue_Page_1

In January of 2011, a stuffed panda named Gustaf was lost on the Helsinki underground. He was reunited with his family 3 months later at the Eira metro station, but he was no longer the Gustaf they knew.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, stuffed toy lovers of Finland.

6 sheet OOH

Eventually the snow will melt. And then will come the mosquitos.

Eat Arla Protein and Stay Strong, Finland. 

prepare yourselves

If you were curled up at home this weekend watching the freshly revamped Stars in Their Eyes and hiding from the cold, you probably will have spotted our new Three campaign popping up in the ad breaks. 

Three is back on the nation's screens and outdoor sites promoting its generous Feel At Home service, which lets customers use their phones abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations (with Spain and New Zealand joining the fun in April). 

The new campaign follows our 'Sorry for the holiday spam' campaign last year. Since then over one million Three customers have been getting in on the action and sharing holiday spam from abroad. There's no stopping it now, so this time, Three wants to help people prepare themselves for even more holiday spam. This year, even more of its customers will be using their phones in even more destinations.

We kicked things off with a 60" TV spot, featuring buddies Chris, Max and Ronnie, who were able to spam everyone back home with the details of their life changing Bondi surf trip. Constantly. 
Brace yourselves, there's more to come. Keep your eyes peeled for another TV spot launching in the next few weeks. And for now, you'd be hard-pressed to miss the accompanying OOH and print campaign.

Wieden+Kennedy and Three launch ‘Prepare Yourself’ for Feel at Home

Wieden+Kennedy and Three are back on the nation's screens and outdoor sites promoting Three's generous Feel At Home service, which lets customers use their phones abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations (including Spain and New Zealand, from April onwards).

The new campaign follows Three's 'Sorry for the holiday spam' campaign last year. Since then, over one million Three customers have been getting in on the action and sharing holiday spam from abroad.

Now, Three wants to help people prepare themselves for even more holiday spam. This year, even more of its customers will be using their phones in even more destinations.

The campaign launches with a 60″ TV spot, featuring buddies Chris, Max and Ronnie, who were able to spam everyone back home with the details of their life changing Bondi surf trip. Constantly.

The TV spot is supported suite of executions including cinema, VOD, press, social and radio; OOH and DOOH sites across the country make an example of holiday spammers, urging people to prepare themselves for more.


Independent British-owned energy supplier and challenger brand OVO Energy has appointed Wieden+Kennedy London to lead creative communications across traditional and emerging channels. The independent agency won the business in a competitive pitch, after being invited to participate via response to a strategic question. 

OVO Energy is a fast growing utility provider that prides itself on thinking as a retailer would and innovating like a tech business, whilst also providing energy to over 400,000 customers nationwide. Known for its award winning customer service OVO delivers a first class customer experience, along with simpler, fairer tariffs setting them apart from the Big Six.

“OVO is a forward thinking energy firm with a playful and provocative personality,” says Neil Christie, Managing Director of Wieden+Kennedy London. “We're looking forward to harnessing this and helping them to shake up the industry by creating thought provoking, purposeful campaigns that will make a real difference and demonstrate just how easy it is for customers to opt for a better, fairer deal on their energy.”

Your portfolio, a shop window

As specialists in communication, we believe the presentation of work is as important as the work itself. So do our friends at It's Nice That, who have been exploring creative portfolio sites in an ongoing series with Squarespace

Our lead designer, Karen Jane, recently contributed to their piece on documenting your work. Her advice? “Your site is like a shop window so show off the work you want to do more of. Curate your project selection to be the finest reflection of you, your craft, and your judgement."

Wise words indeed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 09.50.38

Last night, in Detroit

Detroit was the place to be last night – more specifically, the Detroit Auto Show, at which the One Club's Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards were presented. 

For the second year in a row, our work for Honda managed to wrangle a top prize. Following in the tracks of 'Hands' winning TV Ad of the Year in 2014, 'The Other Side' the Interactive Automobile Ad of the Year for 2015, as selected by a judging panel of 50 creatives and journalists from around the world.

It's a shame we couldn't pick up the award in person, but we're crossing our fingers for the chance to pick up some metal in slightly more tropical locations later in the year.