This Christmas, give them what they really want. 365 days of you.

Three hit on the insight that self-indulgence is big at Christmas, but that doesn't stop people wanting to treat their loved ones too. That’s where Three’s festive promotion came in: customers can buy that shiny new gadget for themselves and Three will give them a discount on a gift for someone special.

To celebrate the fact that everyone gets to treat their loved ones at Christmas by treating themselves at the same time, Three and Wieden+Kennedy London created a specially designed app, CalendarMe. The web-based app uses colour-matched image replacement technology to insert users’ faces into the most self indulgent thing of all, their very own celebrity calendar.

By visiting, users can create a fabulous official 2015 calendar all about them, as a gift for their loved ones. By simply taking a snap with their webcams or uploading a photo, thanks to the interactive wizardry of production company Unit9, their face is inserted into a digital, downloadable and infinitely shareable calendar. Their lucky calendar recipients will be treated to a whole year of the user posing as a mechanic, as an astronaut, as a long-haired rock band frontman and more. Not only that, but 10,000 lucky, randomly chosen calendar-smiths will even get a printed calendar of themselves through their letter box.

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