Tesco Christmas 2014: Every Little Helps Make Christmas

Gathering the family around the table, the anticipation of switching on the Christmas lights for the first time, the cosy winter atmosphere…it’s not just about getting the turkey on the table – Christmas is about all the little things that come together to make it so special. 

Wieden+Kennedy's new Tesco Christmas campaign celebrates the festive spirit we all love. It aims to show that Tesco is just as excited about Christmas as we all are, helping us prepare for the festive season in lots of fun and useful ways.

The campaign kicked off this weekend with a TV spot directed by Guy Manwaring. Accompanied by a brass band cover of Irene Cara’s ‘What a Feeling,’ the film shows families gathering to decorate their homes, while Tesco colleagues get ready to spread the Christmas cheer in stores. And then comes the magic moment: switching on the lights in homes and in Tesco stores across the nation.

The festive light show at the end is inspired by a Tesco customer, Claire Hannah, who last year tweeted her disappointment that her local store didn’t have a green hat. In response, Tesco created a winter wonderland at the store and invited Claire and over 800 local residents to enjoy the fun and switch on the Christmas lights. All one million of them.

Getting the team behind the London 2012 Olympic light show to make Wigan sparkle is just one example of all the unexpected things Tesco is doing to help customers have a brilliant Christmas, in whatever way it can, big or small.

And look out for the green hat, which will appear on over 700 Tesco stores across the country this year – more than ever before.

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