W+K wins ‘best agency film’ at Oystercatchers Awards 2014

Best Agency Film

Neil and Alex (second and third from left above) last night attended the annual awards of marketing management consultancy Oystercatchers Club at the May Fair Hotel. We mingled with an audience of marketers, CEOs, agency chiefs and industry movers and shakers. And we were delighted to come home with a couple of gongs.

The awards recognise outstanding achievement in new business marketing by the UK’s creative industry. They also share insights into what marketers look for when reviewing agency marketing materials. 

Wieden+Kennedy won 'best agency film' (ie best film made by an agency to promote itself) and was a runner-up for best RFI (ie response to an invitation to tender).


It's fascinating to check out the competition at an event like this. When pitching for new biz, you never see what you're up against, but last night we got a glimpse of other agencies' materials and approaches. The new biz 'arms race' is such that much of the materials are of a very high standard of finish and indicate huge investment of time and money. Saatchi & Saatchi had, impressively, made a spoof episode of BBC comedy W1A featuring Saatchi's own people as part of their BBC pitch tender. A very risky move that could have resulted in something cringeworthy, but I have to admit this was pretty good. On the other hand, it was interesting to hear the judges' criticism of some of the entries as being dull, unmemorable, poorly produced or, in the case of some of the films, too bloody long to sit through. One commented, "Some of them are so long and boring you feel like they need to be split into Parts One and Two, like The Hobbit."




Neil clutches award. Alex clutches glass of BOOZE.

OC book

Every Little Helps #MakeChristmas Live

To celebrate that it's only exactly one month till Christmas day, Tesco is live streaming demos featuring Linda Barker, Bake Off champion John Whaite, superstar wrapper Arona Khan and Tesco's very own Master of Wine Laura Jewell from London St Pancras until 5pm.

Tune in here for some hints from the experts on how to #MakeChristmas:


A Stellar Evening

Image (12)
Under a starry canopy at last night's British Arrows Craft Awards, Lurpak Cook's Range was awarded three golds for cinematography (Stephen Keith-Roach), editing (Joe Guest at Final Cut) and sound design (Aaron Reynolds at Wave), and a silver for best director (Dougal Wilson). Meanwhile, Cravendale Barry the Biscuit Boy picked up a silver for model making. Congratulations to all involved!

the future of money


W+K Director of Communications + Behaviour Planning, Danni, brings us some news about the future of Snapchat:

Snapcash from Snapchat has just launched – check out the amusing video:

If you don't have time, Snapcash is basically a fast way to transfer money to another user without doing a bank transfer. Sign up your debit card to your Snapchat account (enabled by Square Cash) and 'snapcash' money easily. Snapcash is only available in the US and available to those who are 18+ with a debit card.

Other transcational methods we’ve seen that empower young people to manage their own money are from a relatively new company, Osper. They offer a prepaid debit card for 8-18 year olds, giving children financial freedom to learn the value of money. All monitored by a parentally controlled app. 

The fact that Snapchat has evolved their proposition beyond ‘chatting’ means they are listening and responding to what young people want, and the way they communicate with one another. 

More news of how they’re going beyond being a simple messaging platform is the leaked news of Snapchat Discover.

Snapchat are rumoured to be in talks with popular publishers: CNN, Mail Online, ESPN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Spotify, Vevo, National Geographic, Vice and People Magazine, to provide their users with entertaining content including articles, videos and music. Beyond this, the Discover platform is a further way for brands to reach Snapchatters beyond the recent advertising approach, as publishers will be able to sell ad placements within their content, and in true Snapchat style, will disappear once you’ve seen it.

These developments are currently unveiling in the US, which will no doubt soon be over here.

As Snapchat breeds themselves into a can’t-be-without tool for young people, from messaging to entertainment and now transactions, we can only expect more and learn more from this social guru.

advertising beyond selling

The Guardian ran a feature this week titled "From Nike to Benetton: 10 powerful adverts that changed the way we think," featuring two shiny W+K nuggets from the archives. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.43.35

First on the list was W+K Portland's Nike 'If You Let Me Play'. 72andSunny Amsterdam MD Nic Owen & co said, "This film is a mini masterpiece which tackles a big issue in a very elegant way, with swagger and irony. The film has been often 'quoted' in other work and even 'remade' recently. But this is the real thing, which opened the way for many conversations about women and sport. It also changed the way sports brands address women in their advertising."


And sixth was our Honda 'Grr' ad, of which they said, "The interesting thing about this film – apart from being beautiful – is that it managed to speak in a fun, charming way about one of the major issues of our time. It made people smile and think about the impact they have on the environment. This campaign opened the way for other car companies to put eco-consciousness at the heart of their communication and vision."


Meanwhile, Across the Atlantic…

It's been a busy week for our Portland counterparts, who have launched a virtual reality experience, a new film, a mobile game, and an event featuring the USA's tallest freestanding cuckoo clock. 
Chrysler | Beneath the Surface
Chrysler is taking the factory tour to a new level with the help of virtual reality. Following the release of Chrysler 200 Factory Tour earlier this year (view film below), “Beneath the Surface” launches at the LA Auto Show this week, in the form of a four-minute, 4D-immersive experience that uses the Oculus Rift DK2 headset to show how the vehicle is made.
Nike | Choose Your Winter
It can be pretty hard to get out of bed at this time of year, let alone be motivated to train. But it doesn't have to be. Choosing Your Winter is the first film in a multi-part series, debunking the myth that just because it’s cold outside, you have to stay inside. By wearing Nike Hyperwarm baselayer, Nike athletes can lock in their performance while simultaneously locking out the elements. 
Old Spice | High Five For Friendship
Old Spice ventures into mobile gaming with High Five for Friendship, an 8-bit mobile game demonstrating the riches that result when two things join forces for good, like using Old Spice deodorant plus body wash together. To navigate a series of 12 challenges, each player taps their screen to throw their hand forward for a high five with their teammate.
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.10.24
Travel Portland | Portland Is Happening Now
It's always a good time to visit Portland. To celebrate this idea, W+K brought the tallest freestanding cuckoo clock in the US to Seattle and Vancouver. The clock is made from a single Oregon maple and features a number of Portland icons: Mt. Hood, Portlandia, beer, wine, bikers, farmers markets, roses, rivers, bridges and even Sasquatch. Every hour on the hour, hand-painted, wood-carved miniatures appeared when the clock chimed and fans were treated with various Portland-themed surprises, like coffee and donuts, a tax free tea party and naked bike riders.

Last Night at the Shots

We were delighted at the news that Honda Inner Beauty won best sound design at last night's Shots awards, thanks to the aural wizardry of Factory's Anthony Moore. W+K Portland also picked up best TV commercial of the year for Old Spice Momsong. Congratulations all round!

We were sure to collect the obligatory blurry photo evidence:



Behind both stories: the making of Honda ‘The Other Side’

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 14.17.56

You've been in the driver's seat, navigated the director's cut, and seen both sides of the story. Now take a peek at how it the The Other Side came to life with The Mill's short but brilliant behind-the-scenes film, plus a Q+A with Tom Walter, Head of CG Operations at The Mill, who explains how the VFX team created the CG Type R.