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Group account director Rachel Parker, who has come to London from our Portland office for a while (we've got people working out how to clone her so we can keep her AND return her to the States), was one of the sporty W+K ladies who ran Nike's We Own The Night race last weekend. Here are a few words from Rachel about what went down:

Saturday night, while most Londoners were cozy on their sofas, hiding from the pouring rain and whipping wind, 10,000 women took to Victoria Park for Nike’s We Own the Night 10k run. This was the second year for Nike's event, and this year, a handful of women from W+K’s Run Club were there to represent and take part in what was, for some, their first 10k.

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[from Nike Running's Instagram]

This wasn’t your typical organised run, but more akin to a park festival with thousands of women sporting the same turquoise Nike race shirt and setting off for a run together. Nike pulled out all the stops. There was music and even pre-race trainers who led a warm-up to keep up motivation on a chilly night.

There were Nike athletes, including Paula Radcliffe, fashion designers, and DJs. The race course was like none other, complete with a light forest, light tunnels, live music, and thousands of women encouraging one another along the way. Everyone who crossed the finish line received an exclusive Alex Monroe designed finisher necklace, and I, for one, haven’t taken mine off since.

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[from ELLE UK's Instagram]

Unfortunately, the wet weather meant that not many of us stuck around afterwards to enjoy the festivities. I think that means we’ll just have to do it again next year.

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[from W+Ker Hannah G's Instagram]

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