turning groceries into miles with Tesco Clubcard Fuel Save

If you’ve picked up a paper or stepped foot into a Tesco, you couldn’t help but notice that Clubcard Fuel Save launched today. Tesco’s new scheme helps customers save up to 20p a litre on fuel by just doing their shopping and scanning their Clubcard. 

We set out to simplify an otherwise complex scheme with a charming logic in a multi-channel campaign. The ads have cropped up in most papers, up and around the country on billboards too.

Our account man Nick, he’s gutted after checking out the offer… sadly he doesn’t drive. 


There’s a Hudl app so Tesco colleagues can explain the scheme to customers and see how much they could save.


Not forgetting a TV ad too, beautifully crafted by the guys over at Aardman.

Banners are popping up online and there are tweets and Facebook posts galore… not to mention the car air fresheners.

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