a new curator: Satsuki Shibuya


As part of our Pinterest series for Curate, we invited the artist and Pinfluencer Satsuki Shibuya to curate a Board in response to the following question:

Which exhibition, imagined or real, would be your choice as the most inspiring ever?

Through her response 'SEEmingly SO', Satsuki asks the viewer to question their perspective of what art means and to use the act of looking to redefine it. 


 "Within Japanese culture, craftsmanship is regarded as an art form where visual beauty and functionality combine to create 'every-day art.'"


Born and raised in the tree-filled foothills of LA, Satsuki’s escapades have included studying music at the university of southern California and graphic design at Otis College of Art and Design, pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter, delving into hand processes such as pattern design and sewing, launching a design studio, as well as raising a dog that loves treats and naps a little too much. 

What will you Curate? curateaward.org

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