W+K London Named Agency of the Year at Shots Awards 2013

Wieden+Kennedy London has been named Agency of The Year at the 2013 Shots Awards. The Shots Awards recognises the best work across 14 categories, judged by an international panel representing the leading names in the advertising and production worlds. 

The body of work produced by W+K London in 2012 reflected by the award includes Honda 'Hands', Lurpak 'Good Proper Food', Lurpak 'The Cook', Stride 'Gumulon', Tesco 'It's the Little Things', Tesco 'Love Every Mouthful' and Three 'The Pony'.

The award for Commercial of The Year on the night also went to W+K London for the Honda 'Hands' campaign. Directed by Smith & Foulkes and produced with Nexus, 'Hands' is a 2 minute animated celebration of 65 years of Honda's engineering history, and has been viewed over 9.5 million times since its launch. 

Read more about the awards and see the full list of winners here.

Wieden+Kennedy named agency of the year 2013 at Shots Awards

Shots cover

Much celebration last night as Wieden+Kennedy London was named Agency of The Year 2013 at 'advertising's biggest night of achievement' the Shots Awards . We are pleased and proud and a bit hungover. The judges said, "Wieden+Kennedy has demonstrated once again how to create iconic work, irrespective of the category in which it plays. They don't just create great content, they seem to create new benchmarks – with freakish consistency."

Shots Three

And, as if that wasn't enough, we also picked up Shots' award for best commercial of the year, for Honda Hands.

Honda shots
They said, "It feels like the most startlingly original film among the entries… It's the only entry that stands up to repeated viewings, where there's insane attention to detail and so many playful touches."

Congratulations also to Nexus, our production partner on this job.

Shots 2013

Like a certain other kind of shot, last night's Shots awards were short, sharp and left us feeling ever so slightly fuzzy this morning. At what was quite possibly the bluest awards ceremony ever, were extremely chuffed to find out that the good people at Shots awarded us TV Commercial of the Year for Honda 'Hands' AND Agency of the Year. Hurrah!

Here's our Head of Production, Dannie, collecting the gong for 'Hands' with Chris and Tracey from Nexus:


A big thank you to Shots, and major congratulations to all the winners. High five, Nexus pals!

a time for giving

For some people, this Christmas isn't all about presents, decorations and trees, it's about getting enough food on the table. So Tesco is asking customers to help make Christmas that little bit better for everyone by donating food in store this weekend, 29th November to 1st December.

We helped Tesco launch its first National Food Collection last year with a new identity for the scheme and an animated TV spot. The collection was so successful that it was brought back again in July, with over 3.5 million meals collected in two days and over 5.9 million since the collection launched, and now it's back again in time for Christmas. 

The initiativer returns under the new name of Neighbourhood Food Collection, putting the emphasis on the community aspect of the scheme.

Customers can donate food in store or online via the giving tree this weekend (from 29th November to 1st December). The donated food will be distributed to two charities, Trussell Trust and FareShare, as well as local food banks. Tesco has once again made a big promise to top up the public's donations, adding an extra 30% on top of the total amount collected. 

So if you find yourself in Tesco this weekend, put an extra tin in your basket and help those in need. Christmas is a time for giving, after all. 

creatives M.I.A.

Some rather curious posters have been popping up in our local area recently.Photo

Have you seen these posters?

Have you seen these blokes?

Have you checked in our office? 

We know it's a bit messy, but we're sure they're around here somewhere…

Now…what's our reward?


[If you haven't guessed, this is our newest creative team, Christen & Bertie, who are being sorely missed over at their old home of CP+B. We promise we didn't kidnap them. Stay tuned for more from these two.]

I wish I’d done that

A few months ago, we partnered up with D&AD to help them on their mission to champion the best and brightest talent in the creative community.


They asked us to come up with a way of highlighting the work and people behind the world’s most celebrated creative award. Today, we launched the three call for entry films we created in response, in which W+K founder Dan Wieden, Iain Tait of Google Creative Labs and designer Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister and Walsh discuss a piece of work from the past 12 months they wish they’d done.

Dan talks about the Climate Name Change Campaign by 350Action:


Digital guru Iain Tait explains the genius behind the Phillips Hue Lightbulb:


and designer Jessica Walsh talks about her love of the Whitney branding by Experimental Jetset:

In each film, awe-inspiring animations created by Nexus directors Factory Fifteen take viewers inside the iconic D&AD Yellow Pencil to reveal intricate worlds portraying design, advertising and digital. The animated intros highlight the breadth and quality of work awarded at D&AD, with plenty of details for eagle-eyed viewers referencing seminal pencil-winning pieces, including a couple of our very own campaigns (oh hi there, Old Spice guy and Honda 'Grr' engine).

gold and silver arrows


We know we're not supposed to care about awards here at W+K, but we do love it when the people who worked so hard to help us bring moonwalking ponies to life and tell seamless stories of engineering wizardry get a shiny, arrow-shaped high five for their crafty brilliance. 

Last night at the BTAAs (aka British Arrows Craft Awards), a few of the aforementioned arrows had our mucky W+K fingerprints of them.


[our producer James with Nexus legend Tracey Cooper, with quite possibly the shiniest award ever for Honda 'Hands']

Here's the rundown:

  • Best Animation – Gold – Nexus for Honda 'Hands'
  • Best Cinematography – Gold – John Mathieson for Lurpak 'Weave Your Magic'
  • Best CGI Gold + Best VFX – Gold – Jame Mengers + Carsten Keller at MPC for Three 'The Pony'
  • Best Recorded Music – Gold – Jack Sedgwick at Wave for Three 'The Pony'
  • Best Editing – Silver – Art Jones for Lurpak 'Weave Your Magic'
  • Best Sound Design – Silver – Anthony Moore at Factory for Honda 'Hands'

Our pals in Gotham, W+K NYC, bagged the following:

  • Best Crafted Commercial – Biscuit for SoCo 'Whatever's Comfortable / Beach'
  • Best Director – Silver – Tim Godsall for SoCo 'Whatever's Comfortable / Beach'
  • Best Casting – Gold – Maya Kvetny for SoCo 'Whatever's Comfortable / Beach'

Big thank you to all the exceptionally talented people who lent their souls skills to making some truly brilliant work. And as the saying goes, 'when it rains, it pours' – it turns out Honda 'Hands' also won an Epica award for Best Animation yesterday. Lovely. 

The power of dreams – sushi style

At the end of last week I came across two contrasting views of life and work. The first was on Ben Kay's ad-related blog If This Is A Blog Then What's Christmas. Ben wrote a post entitled "TO CARE, TO PRETEND YOU CARE, OR TO NOT CARE? THAT IS THE QUESTION…" It was prompted by this anonymous comment on his blog:

I no longer give a fuck. I have been in it a long time and they’ve won. We have lost. If you give a fuck you go mad. Just take the money, say “leverage” at meetings, write their stupid ads that make them happy and laugh at them behind their backs.

Ben responded:

All I’d say, as Gandhi would, is ‘be the change you want to see in the world’.

But of course, if you don’t really want to see that change, carry on as you are. Nothing bad’s going to happen, except you could well get to the end of your life and reflect on what might have been in a way that makes you cry quite a lot in front of your grandkids.

I'm with Ben on this one, but the comments on his blog suggest that there are some bitter, disillusioned people working in advertising who just don't care. They don't like their job, they don't respect their clients and they're not proud of what they do. That was a profoundly depressing thought for a Friday afternoon.

But then on Friday evening I watched the documentary Jiro: Dreams Of Sushi.


This film is about 85-year old Jiro Ono, ranked as the world's best sushi chef. He runs a tiny ten-seat sushi counter in a Tokyo subway station and has devoted his life to the perfection of the craft of making and serving sushi. HIs restaurant is the only sushi restaurant in the world with three michelin stars and has an eight-month long reservation waiting list.

Jiro's approach to his work is one of total dedication to excellence and refusal to compromise.

He says:

"Once you decide on your occupation… you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. Yo must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That is the secret of success… and is the key to beging regarded honourably."

Jiro is an obsessive perfectionist who lives, breathes and, yes, dreams sushi. He left home as a small child and had no subsequent contact with his parents. His life has been devoted to his work in a way that has meant sacrifices in other areas. This is an extreme approach to mastering one's trade. But I found it inspiring to see how this level of commitment can raise something as apparently simple as sushi preparation (though that notion may be naivete on my part) to the level of a higher calling, and the accomplishment of a life's work worthy of great pride.

If that attitude of uncompromising excellence can be applied to sushi, then it can also be applied to whatever occupation you decide upon. Even advertising.

The film is beautiful and thought-provoking. It presents sushi preparation as an almost mystical ritual. Jiro descrbes himself as 'ecstatic' in his work and we get a sense of that as we watch his intense concentration. The way that he guides and encorages his sons and staff to apply the boss's standards to their own work reminds me of the best ECDs I've worked with. They can be exacting task-masters but they achieve extraordinary results. Interestingly, he is just as particular about his approach to servicing his clients. He does not pander to requests for frippery such as appetisers: he only does sushi. But he does care deeply about his customers' dining experience being perfect and treats them with the utmost respect. (Though I can imagine that for some diners it might be disconcerting to have him prepare the sushi directly in front of you and then watch you like a hawk as you eat it.)

The final words come from Jiro's son, who says this is what Jiro has taught him:

"Always try to look beyond and above yourself.
Always try to improve on yourself.
Always strive to elevate your craft."

Wise words.

our man Josh does a TED talk

Apart from being the very definition of congeniality, our Nike Account Exec Josh Okungbaiye is also a bit of an entrepreneur. Which is a bit of an understatement.

Josh and his brother John were invited to speak at the TEDxYouth@Croydon talk recently, where they spoke about the spark of an idea and how the simplest ideas can sometimes be the most effective in solving everyday problems. 


Josh and John would know about these sorts of things too – they founded High Spirit Bags (clever backpacks designed to protect the carrier's possessions from theft and loss) earlier this year, which won them Richard Branson's Virgin Pioneer Award. No biggie, then…


Skip to the 40-minute mark to see Josh and John do their stuff.