a new curator: Marissa Cox

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latest edition to our Pinterest
for the Curate Award comes from
the online editor of Art Wednesday, Marissa Cox. We
invited Marissa to curate a Board in response to the following question:

exhibition, imagined or real, would be your choice as the most inspiring ever?

Marissa was
inspired by an interview she held with the artist John Baldessari
who described “art as conversion”. Through her board she explores the work of
artists who incorporate words and text in their art, contributing quite
literally to its wider conversation. 


Art Wednesday is an arts and culture platform which aims to get you to
try, explore and discover creative new things by providing the content,
products and experiences you deserve to know about. When Marissa isn’t smuggling cultural anecdotes between
Europe’s key cities, she can be found at the helm of Art Wednesday’s online
team, steering the ship through the turbulent tides of the arts towards enlightenment and discovery.AW

What will you Curate?


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