lucky number seven

Following on from our warm welcome to our new Account Execs, we now have the pleasure of introducing you to a great team of Account Managers and Account Directors.

Jumping straight in at the deep end…

Chris C
Chris Condron is back! After a stint away from the agency, Chris has joined the
Tesco account team as an account director, chiefly taking responsibility
for helping to bring the many different functions of the Tesco business
together and generally
being awesome.

Lucy crook
Another familiar face on the front part of the head of the lovely Lucy Crook. After a few years' globe trotting, Lucy has returned to W+K as an Account Director on Nike and Cravendale. It's great to have her back.

Matthew Shaw
This is Matt Shaw. Another new recruit to the already-winning Nike team. He joins us from M&C where he was working on a combination of
insurance, cider, gambling and the internet – a heady mix of vices. 

Matthew shaw1
Big up Alex Budenberg. He is the latest addition to the Honda account, and joins them as an Account Director. Alex was previously at BMB, and after the world's longest notice period, we're glad he's finally here.

Hannah Gourevitch joins the Arla team as an AM fresh off the boat from
Toronto where she spent a couple of years working at a small agency. She's already got off to a flying start on Arla and we're very glad she
decided to join us.

Alex blacklock

Alex Blacklock is our
new AM on Halls. Before joining us he was at Saatchi and Saatchi, having joined their grad scheme a few years back.

Lastly, the very latest addition to the Account Handling team is Maria Kofeod. Over the past 12 months Maria was working at a branding agency and
before that was at the Copenhagen business school. She joined the Arla team last week, and they're extremely happy about her arrival.

the super six…

HURRAH! We have a fab bunch of fresh new Account Execs in
the house.


Sophie moss
Sophie Moss joins us as an Exec on Honda and Finlandia. She’s
an Aussie who worked in marketing at D&AD and is enjoying eating her way
through life in London.

Sophie Stephenson has been welcomed on to Team Arla with open arms. She was
previously working at the IPA, and is now enjoying her first stint in agency

Susie Dunn.jog

Hi Susie! We welcome you to our very busy and exciting Tesco
account.  Susie was previously treading
the PR boards and has now moved on over to "adland".


This is the amazing Josh Okungbaiye. We'd describe him as optimism in human
form and a lover of the beautiful game. He’s slotted in nicely on Team Nike.

Stephanie Brooks
A big “hello” to Stephanie Brooks. She spent a year working
in production after graduating from university. After a slightly traumatic
deportation from Jamaica, she has finally found a home at W+K.

Victoria Freund is a wonderful new Account Exec on
Three. She previously worked on the production team for Kick Ass 2. Mega.

Go get ‘em tigers!

Martin and Vikki are in the building

We've been a bit slack in adding all our wonderful new starters to the blog recently. The main reason being we've had so many! I will be adding them over the next few days so do stay tuned.

Firstly, let me welcome two wonderful additions to the W+K family….

Msrtin beverley

This is Martin Beverley. He joined us at the end of last month as a Senior Planner from AMV BBDO. He's taking the reins on Three and Honda. It took Planning Director Paul Colman two years to convince him to come on over, and we're extremely glad he finally did. 


We are thrilled Vikki Kottler is here as our brand spanking new (well, a few months in) Creative Services Director. She's spent the last three years as head of creative services at the
integrated agency Exposure and has already slotted into life at W+K well. She's currently prepping for the Pumpkin Carving competition tomorrow. Watch out, everyone; she's competitive, really competitive.

A lesson in Uganda

As part of our ongoing relationship with leadership development programme The International Exchange, W+K Account Director Hanne Haugen is spending a month working with The Kasiisi Project in Uganda

Hanne writes:

One week in, and I’m
beginning to find my feet on the red Ugandan soil. As would be expected it’s
a very different reality than the one I’m normally faced with. The environment
and culture is probably as far as you can get away from London adland, but
some of the challenges I’m hoping to tackle through my project are not a
million miles away from what we work with our clients to tackle at W+K – how
can we most effectively package and talk about products and services to develop
the business? In this case the goal is to generate profit to support the
education initiatives run by The Kasiisi Project, so that in the long term the
project can become self-sustainable and less reliant on donations from abroad.

There is no lack of
understanding of the importance of communications here, and everyone I’ve talked
to so far has been incredibly supportive of what I’m doing and sees the value
in it. The problem is that as a small organization, they don’t have the
capacity to develop communications strategies and activities. Which is why TIE
provides such an important service. A volunteer with background from
corporate communications, can help create building blocks that feed into a project's future
processes and become an integral part of their mission.

I’m only a week in –
four more to go, and so much more to learn and new information to digest – but
I’m starting to see the bigger picture. It might not always be a smooth
ride – rural Ugandan roads are notoriously bumpy – but I hope that my month
here will be as beneficial to the project as it has already been to me as a
‘communications professional’.

info on the project and what I'm up to on my blog:


My office


A lovely way to be greeted in the morning


Good advice

a new curator: Marissa Cox

Curate logo

latest edition to our Pinterest
for the Curate Award comes from
the online editor of Art Wednesday, Marissa Cox. We
invited Marissa to curate a Board in response to the following question:

exhibition, imagined or real, would be your choice as the most inspiring ever?

Marissa was
inspired by an interview she held with the artist John Baldessari
who described “art as conversion”. Through her board she explores the work of
artists who incorporate words and text in their art, contributing quite
literally to its wider conversation. 


Art Wednesday is an arts and culture platform which aims to get you to
try, explore and discover creative new things by providing the content,
products and experiences you deserve to know about. When Marissa isn’t smuggling cultural anecdotes between
Europe’s key cities, she can be found at the helm of Art Wednesday’s online
team, steering the ship through the turbulent tides of the arts towards enlightenment and discovery.AW

What will you Curate?


The Modern Maker

The lovely Katie Harrison, W+K creative, has added yet another string to her bow – lecturing at St Martins. She writes:

I graduated from Central Saint Martins with a pencil and
sketchbook under my arm and £15,000 debt in my pocket. Five years later and I
am at W+K with a shiny laptop on my desk and my student loan still very much in
full. So when I was invited to go back to Saint Martins to give a lecture on
this journey, I found my opportunity to tell the tale of the “modern maker” and
why there has never been a more exciting time to be one, student loan and all. 


The last year has seen the dawn of content. The realisation
from brands that no longer is a one off “big telly” ad the key to engagement,
but that they can become “channels” showcasing funny, irreverent content to
connect to their audience in intimate and conversational settings.


Technology has given the creation and publication of content
to the masses. But with democracy, there come “cats” and a lot of them. So how
do agencies, as the deliverers of “big” content, apply their knowledge to these
channels and make brilliant, crafted content in a nimble and informed way?


This is where “the modern maker” comes in – artists who can use
their skills to create well-crafted content. When you start to apply cultural
relevance, social context and fast turn around reactions, things start to get
really interesting. Vine, Snapchat even
Screen Capture are the new pencils allowing this expression and the internet is
your sketchbook, open to the world to see.


So, my message to the students? While your loan accumulates,
get that discount at the App Store, download Snapchat and start making.

Welcome to the internet: 25th October


Check it.

What a week it's been.

What a week.

There was the final of the Great British Bake Off.

Which created quite a storm on t'internet.

My money was on Ruby.

Oh Ruby.

Rubes, as I liked to call her.

Very unfortunate not to win, but a moral victory I think.

Russell Brand called for a revolution on Newsnight.

How long until we have a celeb prime minister? 

My money's on Ruby. 

Some other stuff happened but I can't remember it right now. 

I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

What a week.

W+K’s Josh meets Virgin’s Branson

Josh and richard
Wieden+Kennedy account manager Josh Okungbaiye has some high profile chums. Today he was breakfasting with Richard Branson, and after much discussion they did some pointing at each other.

Josh: "Rich, you see me every time you're in town, and yet you always ask for photos" (Playful/banterous 'we see each other all the time' tone.)
Richard: "Yeah I know Josh, but I've got to prove to my work that I've seen you!"


W+K at Campaign BIG

Last night, we put on our glad rags and headed down to the Campaign BIG awards, where we were delighted to find out we had picked up a few awards. 

Honda 'The More We Look' won a silver for film in the automotive category, Three 'Pony' won a silver for film in the IT & technology category (unfortunately for everyone, Socks the moonwalking pony was unable to join us) and Lurpak 'Good Proper Food' won a gold in the grocery category. 

Here are team Three, looking rather chuffed: 


And here's Paulo, our Group Account Director on Honda living up to his reputation as the smiliest man in the agency:


Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to Campaign for a brilliant evening!