Wieden+Kennedy, Gumulon and Stride at the IAB Awards

Post by young work experience lady, Vicki: 

Last Wednesday, after a worryingly slow
taxi journey through central London, W+K digital strategist Matt Simpson and I made it to the Internet
Advertising Bureau HQ with a few minutes to spare before the start of the
Creative Showcase Award seminar. Matt had been invited to collect an award for
Stride Gum’s new chew-controlled iPhone game, Gumulon, created by Wieden+Kennedy. As the seminar was
celebrating four months' worth of creative campaign winners and runners up, as
selected by a team of senior creative judges, I was lucky enough to see
presentations on some of the best digital advertising of 2013.

Matt gave an animated presentation that
explained the three main stages of the process of creating Gumulon. The
presentation was very well received by the audience, except one member who
caused a bit of a stir by interrupting Matt to ask what the readership of
Stride was…’Umm, it’s a gum…’


Having downloaded the game and played it several times, which involved chewing my gum extremely vigorously on the tube
home, I particularly enjoyed Matt’s demonstration of how the game works (on a
non-existent phone) and seeing how silly I must look when I play it. But that’s
the point that Matt made about the brand; it celebrates people who boldly do
their own thing, and Gumulon definitely lives up to this value. 

Matt was presenting alongside three other
award winners: Glue Isobar’s new Pringles ‘Fan vs. Flavour’ campaign, R/GA
London’s new Getty Images ‘The Feed’ campaign, and Maxus’s new Mercedes
‘#Youdrive’ campaign. My personal favourite out of these three was the Pringles
campaign as I think it best captured the essence of the Pringles brand value of
‘unexpected fun’.

All in all, attending the seminar was a
really interesting experience that gave me a great insight into the production
of creative campaigns. 

Download Gumulon here and try chew-controlled gaming for yourself.

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