new arrival in the building…


A big W+K welcome to Sanam Petri who joins us as a Creative Director. She spent seven years shaping some of R/GA’s most innovative work, which
includes game-changing campaigns for Nike and Beats by Dr Dre.

Graeme Douglas, Interactive Creative
Director at W+K London says:

"We're delighted that Sanam is joining us.
With a unique background spanning storytelling and technology, she shares our
vision that great, business-transforming creativity shouldn't be limited by
channel or platform."


William Edmonds in the L-Gallery

This month sees the arrival of something rather special in our reception L-Gallery, a selection of ceramic work from artist William Edmonds William employs varying mediums including paper, sculpture and sound, but his most recent work is in ceramics.

Photo (4)

These pieces display a distinct passion for texture and pattern, with dripping glazes, engraved marks and splashes of colour. Each one is carefully crafted and no two of his creations are the same.There is also a humour within his work. Strange shapes, sometimes faces, gives the humble cup a comical personality. One can’t help notice the cheeky nod to eras past, notably the famous Troika potteries and classical Greek sculpture.

Photo (3)

It’s true, William has made cups and vases here, but you wouldn’t want to drink earl grey from these little beauties, they deserve pride of place on your mantle. There's all kinds of wonderful work in his portfolio, drawing on many aspects of contemporary design. All we know is that his stuff is great and you can’t help but smile when you see it.


William is part of the Nous Vous collective, where the good work continues They are represented by WICCA artists, run by the lovely Laura Vent

Tesco, magnified

We've put our new Tesco campaign under the magnifying ray this week, taking it from TV screens to cinema screens and newspapers to billboards all over the country. 

Did you spot any on your way to work today? 

In case you didn't, here they are, handily shrunken down to fit your desktop.


48_Master 3

48_Master 2

And here's the whopping 96-sheet version, with a little nod to another delicious summery thing we all know and love… the classic wouldn't-change-it-for-the-world struggle of getting ketchup out of glass bottles.


WKFC: mid-season report – part three


In this final installment of football gold we take a look at the last few core
squad players and those on fringes of greatness. If you missed them: PART 1 and

‘Le Tiss’ Everitt

A freak injury has cut this Southampton mad naturists season short.
Unperturbed, Benny keeps himself in the thick of the action by providing the
rest of the team with the best football related YouTube videos the internet has
to offer (on WK time).

‘Bottler Bale’ Simpson

Perhaps it’s his East London take on Marouane Fellaini’s hair that’s causing
him problems. Getting in his eyes at crucial times, because Simpson is a
notorious fouler, or worse, a bottler of challenges.

On the rare occasion that he’s had his
Weetabix, he can hit the 7 out of 10 mark, but like his beloved Tottenham, he’s
a classic waste of talent.

‘Marc Antoine Fortune’ Hayward
With no ego in sight, this committed Baggie goes
about his business on his pitch with quiet determination. A tough defender, his
confidence on the ball has grown alongside his marvelous beard. A shoe-in for
‘Best Team Player’ at the end of the year.


Imagine a ‘prototypical creative technologist’ playing football. That.


Like Wilfred Zaha, if Wilfred Zaha was good at design.


Spends most of the time on the floor. Has to stretch for 48 hours before


Has moved to Portland where he plays football with something called ‘girls’.


Can Plackett hack it on the football pitch? Yes, yes he can.


Has abandoned the team to concentrate on his own ‘Top Tips’ venture.


Played once, got man of the match, never played again. Baller.


Spent a long time getting in the squad, then moved to Clapham.


David has taken time out from liking every photo on Instagram to play football
with the lads a couple of times. Pure energy.

check out our lovely new booths

Our new booths have arrived! The idea is to provide some extra quiet space where people can seclude themselves from the madness and noise of the rest of the office when they need a bit of thinking / meeting time. They were designed to fit with the rest of the library area where they're situated and they've turned out to be an intriguing cross between train compartments and confessional booths.







Roll up, roll up!

Summer is well and truly upon us and the temperature continues to rise in Shoreditch. So much so it was positively 'tropical' in our office this afternoon.

And as we operate a very strong 'waste not want not' policy round here, we distributed some 'tropical' produce left over from a shoot yesterday. Yes, that's right, we held a 'pineapple tombolo'. In our L Gallery. Right here in reception.


Some lucky recipients were clearly overwhelmed to head into the weekend with some suitably refreshing fruit.


Others took it upon themselves to accessorize their prize.


Happy 'hot' weekend from E1.

new starters – part two

Here we are again, with some more newbies.

I'll crack straight on…


Meet Marta Bobic. She's our brand spanking new PR guru, here to make us shine a little bit brighter. Marta will be working closely with the fabulous Alex Rogers. Expect great things.



After achieving moderate success on Ireland's hair and beard modelling
circuit, Mark (hair) and Paddy(beard) decided to join Wieden + Kennedy, London
as a creative team. For bookings contact N. Christie. 



Last, but no means least, we have Mike Winek. He joins us from VCCP as a project manager on our Tesco account. The ladies of W+K certainly seem pleased with our latest addition. 

Until next time….

Tesco ranked top retailer for fresh food, reports Retail Week

Retail Week reports that Tesco has been ranked as top retailer for fresh food, noting that their positive results in the poll coincide with the launch of our Love Every Mouthful work and the campaign's focus on fresh produce.


Alex Lawson writes:

"Tesco has defied doubters by being ranked the top retailer for fresh food, beating upmarket rivals including Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. It will be good news for Tesco, which this week launched its Love Every Mouthful fresh food marketing campaign across the media and in store.

An exclusive poll for Retail Week by ICM Research showed that 14% of those surveyed thought Tesco offered the strongest fresh food proposition alongside Morrisons. Morrisons dedicates a greater proportion of its store space to fresh produce as part of its Market Street offer. Marks & Spencer was named shoppers’ third choice for fresh food, with 13% opting for it ahead of Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Asda. ICM Research project manager Anna Johns said: “The results come as a surprise as Tesco is not as synonymous with quality fresh produce as some other grocers.”

The backing from shoppers could provide an early indication that Tesco boss Philip Clarke’s turnaround strategy is bearing fruit. Fresh is a critical pillar of the grocer’s Building a Better Tesco strategy and is becoming an increasingly vital battleground in grocery. Tesco’s new campaign follows the horse meat scandal that tarnished the image of a number of UK grocers including Tesco, Asda and Aldi.

Shore Capital analyst Clive Black said that Tesco is recovering from the "body blow” of horse meat. He said: “Tesco is seeking to encroach into what has been one of the most resilient features of the UK food market in recent years – authentic,good-for-you, natural and tasty food. Love Every Mouthful represents a material departure from the days of The Big Price Drop.”

The poll found that younger shoppers are more likely to champion Tesco, believing it offers good quality and value for money, while older customers opted for M&S. 

The survey also showed that 44% of shoppers believed quality and price are equally important in deciding where to shop, while 48% valued quality over price."


In related news, Lou Cooper of Marketing Week says"this new long-term positioning might prove a game changer. Demonstrating a firm commitment to restoring consumer trust in Tesco products and their provenance, these are definitely steps in the right direction."

And the very fresh cherry on top comes from Twitter, where Tesco has made it to the (seemingly rather destination-focused) list of UK trends today.

Tesco trending

Welcome to the Internet: 25th July



From lip dubs to massive whales, this week's Internet has it all. Take a look, tell me what you think, "join the conversation" as we social media types all too readily ask people. 

One of the interesting points to point out, and something that's been on the rise for the last couple of weeks, has been Vine's prominence in these rundowns. Not on the platform itself mind, but merely as a way of capturing and producing content. The Miley Cyrus example is just one, but many people have been creating Vines and then uploading them to YouTube, where they are getting a new lease of life. It seems that there is a definite appetite for 6 second video, it just needs to be determined where exactly it is that people are going to view it. 

Other highlights include a someone having a baby and of course the rise of Extreme Forklifting to the top of the app charts. Better believe.

The story of Phil

From fresh produce specialists and butchers to fishmongers and bakers, Tesco colleagues play a big role in bringing a real passion for food to Tesco. 

As part of Tesco's new conversation on food, colleagues in stores around the country were invited to show off their passion for food by sharing recipes, photos and stories about their favourite foods. Amongst the colleagues and suppliers chosen to feature in our Love Every Mouthful campaign is a butcher that personifies Tesco's passion on food with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.

Meet Phil Lowe.

Phil Lowe

Phil is a butcher at Tesco Extra in Beeston, Nottingham. He is passionate about fresh British meat and wears his butcher's apron with pride. He regularly shares his ideas and knowledge on his own blog, and he has also published a brilliantly titled book about meat ‘Tales from the Block'. 

Recently, Phil blogged about his experience of taking part in the Love Every Mouthful campaign. 

Read all about it here. It's a delightful read. Phil's passion and dedication comes through strongly as he talks about how his friendly face came to star in the ad and lifts the curtain for a behind-the-scenes look at what went into making it. 

Phil also describes what being in the adverts means: ‘I can be proud to be an ambassador of the Love Every Mouthful campaign and that in my own way that pride would reflect on my Tesco store and my managers and supporters at Beeston Tesco Extra. I think the customers get a buzz from it too’.

Us too, Phil.