Welcome to the Internet: 31st May


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What a wonderfully grey morning it is here in foggy Laandan taan today – hopefully this bright shaft of Internet will illuminate up the darkest of crevices.

There have been some notable highlights (or lowlights depending on how you look at them) online this week which I'll run through in the usual style. 

Last Friday, the Fresh Prince and Carlton reunited briefly on the Graham Norton show to reprise some of their greatest work from the mid-nighties. It was glorious and has been taking the world by storm since it aired. This was part of a well-orchestrated attack by Smith on the British media in support of his new blockbuster flick, which was followed by an appearance at an FA event at the weekend. He was invited to take part in a penalty shootout against his son and all I can say in the matter is that despite his machismo persona, he is so so bad at football. 

'Oud' was the biggest riser in search terms this week after some predictable stupidity from the contestants in The Apprentice. It continues to display the strong relationship between TV and search behaviours when it comes to dual screening.

This week also saw the continuation of a very public meltdown from American teen starlet Amanda Bynes. She's having a bit of a Britney phase at the moment and is using Twitter as her way of having a go at EVERYONE it seems. She's also pierced her cheeks, dissed Rihanna, allegedly threw a bong out of her apartment window and has shaved part of her hair off. Social media makes it very easy nowadays for people's bad patches to turn up to 11.


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