Charlie Brooker on ‘loser-generated content’


"TV advertising used to work like this: you sat on your sofa while
creatives were paid to throw a bucket of shit in your face. Today you're
expected to sit on the bucket, fill it with your own shit, and tip it
over your head while filming yourself on your mobile. Then you upload
the video to the creatives. You do the work; they still get paid."

Very funny. Full article here.

Dude of the Month and goodbye Anna

Yesterday W+K London had our monthly agency meeting, which saw us say goodbye to a veteran as well as the passing on of the infamous 'Dude of the Month' jacket.

Anna Smith who has been with us here for over ten years, starting on reception and working up to become a senior TV producer, has decided to move on.  She will be joining her other half Stu Harkness at Wieden + Kennedy Portland, where we wish her the best of luck.  


Above: Anna making her speech after Rutger Hauer pleaded with her to stay on her leaving video.

On a more positive note (for London anyway) we have a new Dude of the Month.  Tala Saadeh won the vote for her hard work and dedication to her account, always with a smile on her face.  Congratulations Tala!



words from a planning intern: first week at Wieden’s

Intense doesn’t quite cover it. Every day so
far I’ve woken up feeling like a kind of colonial-era explorer, complete with khaki hat and walrus moustache, faced with a big unexplored thing like a jungle
or the moon or something. I am fascinated all the time.

Luis_10 b

Things I have learned:

A powerpoint presentation is called a
‘deck’. An orchestrated dance sequence isn’t as
good as a flashmob when you want to be relatable. A good argument is LOGOS + PATHOS = ETHOS. Things become more interesting when they
are quotidian, like milk and vodka. It’s actually nice working late on
something you enjoy. I am probably working ‘above the line’.

Things I have seen:

A sewer explode ten feet away from me. Folks attempting to look round the agency
because they think it’s a shop. The inside of a padded cell. A lot of adverts, some rather good ones.

Second image

A big thanks to everyone
for being lovely and making week one fun, clever and mad. Here's to week two!

Lactofree day out

We went with our lovely Lactofree client Louise and a bunch of the other agencies to go and see our new Lactofree work in action on the tube today.

It was a little bit like herding sheep whilst avoiding the busy morning commuters but it was well worth it. The work looks very bright and cheery.


We then visited the Lactofree sampling van, which is currently making its way around London handing
out delicious breakfast porridge and milky lattes to passers by.

Photo1 (2)
You can't fail to spot it.


the Apple iWatch: when sci-fi invades reality


The iWatch. No-one
knows much. It’s an Apple product rumoured to be in development, made of curved
glass designed to fit around the wrist.

It sounds cool in a
Napoleon Dynamite sort of way; chic and geek in equal measure. Central to chatter on the subject is the
pervasive question of whether it will actually be made; Apple’s continued silence on
the issue of the iWatch has driven various tech-bloggers giddy with the sweet
smell of conspiracy

What's more interesting is its direct link to Science
. Watch out, it gets a bit nerdy from here on out.
The device will apparently name and describe objects at which it is pointed.
This is a tricorder, not a timepiece.


You could look at the iWatch as part of a slow trickle of technology conceived at the
final frontiers of space-y genre lit. Similar examples abound. Another supposed
Apple product in the pipeline – the iGlasses
– purports to record what you see, edit out the bad stuff, and replay it, see
Minority Report and the Matrix for more details. There’s even a nifty working prototype of a
hover-car flying about
out there.

The fields of
fantasy-technology and real-technology seem destined for cross-pollination. This
piece takes the position that Science actually uses sci-fi to test out ideas,
as a kind of virtual lab. Simpler is the notion that a few kids watch Star Wars
and grow up into product developers with a burning desire to make a robot-hand
that actually
feels things

Its interesting to think of sci-fi as ‘the manual of the possible’. That the genre has a kind of mapping function –
sketching the contours of the land, the limits of what we can think up – which then challenges us fill in the gaps with actual
stuff. It’s cool and it lends credibility to a big swathe of nerd culture
that is too-easily overlooked.


(Thoughts courtesy of Planning Placement newbie James.)

say yes to breakfast with Lactofree

Our clients at Lactofree (the UK’s only range of lactose-free dairy products) have done some research into Brtain's breakfast habits. They are bad breakfast habits. So, to encourage people to enjoy their mornings more, we have created for Lactofree a ‘Say Yes to Breakfast’ campaign. Because breakfast should be an occasion, not an inconvenience, even if you're lactose intolerant.

We have come up with a visual approach to target busy morning commuters in London, to encourage them to be able to enjoy more dairy. Bright colours: that's what people need on the dreary old morning commute. And a Lactofree-based breakfast item. That should set London up for the day.

The ads will kick off on Monday 25th February with digital escalator panels in London Underground stations (on a 10” loop) showcasing a variety of colourful breakfast executions featuring the product range.



And our 'Listen up, hedgehogs' TV spot will be back on air.

Meet James Hodgson – our inaugural Planning Placement recruit


Hello everyone. Meet James Hodgson. Our first ever W+K Planning Placement recruit. He'll be here with us for three months getting stuck in. You'll see him popping up on the blog a lot over the coming months too. He'll be keeping you updated on his jourmey and sharing something interesting with us each week.

In his own words…

"Hello, I'm James. I am a baby proto-planner, a connoisseur of fine brazilian films from the 60s, GSOH, into long walks and thinking about how to take over the world. My other aims in life are to grow a full beard and make cool ads happen."

The future starts here.