Honda: Decisions, decisions

We all know that there are both rational and emotional reasons for any car purchase: you want a car that’s efficient, yet you want something that has torque when you put your foot down. You need space for bikes and the kids, but want to be able to nip in and out of traffic in town.

W+K created a TV spot that plays out this dilemma in the form of an internal dialogue, positioning the Civic as a car that meets both the rational and emotional needs of the driver.

We worked with photographer Tobias Hutzler who produced a series of graphic and visually impactful print ads that capture the balance of two contrasting worlds.

The TV first aired in the UK on the 18th January 2013, with the print starting w/c 7th January across Europe. Honda previewed the spot to their uk fans the day before it launched.

See all campaign assets in the Work section

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