flowers from across the pond

Pereira & O'Dell Advertising Agency in San Francisco sent us a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to congratulate us on our Ad Week’s Global Agency of the Year win.

San fran flowers

Their congratulations card said, Once again I want to congratulate you for the well-deserved Agency of the Year title.We are truly honoured to be part of that list under you guys. Please keep showing us all how it is done.” Signed by  PJ (PJ Pereira, CCO & CO-FOUNDER) and Andrew (Andrew O’Dell, CEO and CO-FOUNDER). Thanks so much for the kind thoughts, guys: you're a couple of gents.

Honda: Decisions, decisions

We all know that there are both rational and emotional reasons for any car purchase: you want a car that’s efficient, yet you want something that has torque when you put your foot down. You need space for bikes and the kids, but want to be able to nip in and out of traffic in town.

W+K created a TV spot that plays out this dilemma in the form of an internal dialogue, positioning the Civic as a car that meets both the rational and emotional needs of the driver.

We worked with photographer Tobias Hutzler who produced a series of graphic and visually impactful print ads that capture the balance of two contrasting worlds.

The TV first aired in the UK on the 18th January 2013, with the print starting w/c 7th January across Europe. Honda previewed the spot to their uk fans the day before it launched.

See all campaign assets in the Work section

Vine – Twitter’s new plaything

What is Vine?

Vine is a new iPhone app from Twitter which is all about video – short video. Six seconds to be precise. The way it works is simple: you don't click a button to record like a normal video camera, you have to touch your thumb to the screen to record and hold it there. This way it encourages you to film multiple things, play around with stop motion and be generally a bit more creative.

It seems to be aimed at people sharing little snippets of their life (or whatever they want, to be honest) in a kind of Instagrammy way. In fact Instagram is probably a good comparison to make; the layout is very similar except there are no 'vintage' filters to hipsterfy your vids.

It's been a bit buggy so far, people reporting crashes and certain integration issues, but this is to be expected in its infancy. I'd imagine it'll be pimping with bug fixes before long.

It's only on iPhone for the moment (link here) but an Android version is coming soon, apparently.

Instagram vs Vine (or Facebook vs Twitter)

Vine was bought by Twitter a while back and has been created in partnership with them. As you can imagine then, it syncs perfectly with Twitter with the videos playing inside the Twitter interface and also making them embeddable on other sites. There was a bit of argy-bargy when Vine first launched as it originally allowed you to find Facebook friends on the service, before Zuckerburg and co. removed the api to do this. Ouch. A similar thing happened with Instagram last year, so don't expect your Vines to be looking swish in your Facebook News Feed any time soon…

Brands on Vine

As with any shiny new toy, a few brands were extremely quick off the mark to start messing around with it. There are some examples (some better than others) here. It's a bit restricting for brands at the moment as you are not able to upload previously taken clips to use, they have to be recorded fresh off the bat. NBC have tried to get around this by seemingly filming a screen playing a news story, but it looks a bit naff in my opinion – however full marks for trying to use it in this way, genuinely useful, I think.

What we think

As with any new thing it's going to take time to see exactly what the uptake is for something like this. Are people going to go for video in the same way they did for Instagram? It's hard to say, but you certainly have to put more thought into making a Vine than you do an Instagram.

The manual nature of the service means that it is a bit more restrictive for brands however it could be a great tool for showing product releases, interviews, stop motion thingys or generally reporting in a succinct way on live action events.

It's impossible to start thinking about direct strategies for Vine at the moment, however it could potentially be included into part of an existing Twitter strategy, adding another element to content creation.

PS. Apparently it's also going to revolutionise 'micro-porn'. As you were.

Get sucked into the vortex of other people's lives in six second instalments here.

people news

Paul and guy
We had an agency meeting last night to catch up on various announcements. Above: Head of Planning Paul Colman congratulates Dude of the Month Guy Featherstone, who was recognised for services to Design and Craft above and beyond the normal call of excellence.

Guy's back

(Guy is taking all this very seriously and turned up at the office today in the Jacket of Honour. He gets it.)

Back to last night, we said good bye to a couple of agency stalwarts: creative directors Chris 'Impossible Dream' Groom and Stuart 'Write the Future' Harkness. Between them they've been responsible for some of our very finest work. Which means they've done some of the best work in the world. They are part of the fabric of this place. Chris has been here 13 years and Stuart has a Wieden + Kennedy tattoo on his leg. We are gutted that they're leaving but we're delighted about where they're going. They're leaving London but they're not leaving Wieden + Kennedy: both will be taking up CD positions at our Portland office.

Chris smashed the leaving speech: he made us laugh, he made us cry.

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe."


He was a very hard act for Stu to follow. But the big fella had prepared a few words.


Following the emotional scenes there was a send-off of epic proportions.
During which, in the bottom left of the pic below, you can see another of our departing stars: talent manager Rory Hill, who is leaving us for W+K New York.


Here's Rory from last night again, introducing crowd-surfing to the saloon bar environment.

Rory's legs

Lovely boys. We'll miss them.

Our (not so new) new faces

We are pleased to announce that two of our freelancers have finally been made permanent members of W+K London!

Firstly, we'd like to welcome our new Designer, Kelly Satchell. Before joining us here, Kelly studied graphic design at Brighton University and then went to work in Switzerland for a design studio. She also informs us that despite being very slender at school she managed to be the local Discus throwing champ!

Kelly.satchell (1)

We also welcome our new Production Assistant, Sarah Moore, who joins us from Ogilvy & Mather. Sarah is a huge fan of bagels and Harvey Weinstein. Oh, and she and informs us that she can lick her elbow (which is supposed to be physically impossible).



New campaign

Picture it: you’re sitting in the comfort of your own home, perhaps in the kitchen, and you’ve just clicked 'confirm' on your shop. 

But what next?

Ever wondered how your shopping actually gets picked? Or who it is that does it for you?

Well that’s certainly the case for our heroine Lisa.

In our first ever spot for we bring to life the character of Borg, the subject of Lisa’s fantasy, as she imagines who it is that’s doing her shop.

We see Borg majestically making his way through the store, taking time and care to pick her food exactly as asked for.

No request is too troubling for Borg; he’ll stop at nothing to ensure she gets exactly what she wants and how she wants it. He embodies everything needed to be one of Tesco's pickers, the people who carry out your online shop for you whilst you kick back and relax.

The 60 second TV ad launched on Wednesday 23rd January, supported by Facebook activity which further showcases the pickers and their tips for selecting the best produce.

You can view the new spot here: