YouTube’s 20 most viewed ads of 2012

Number one in the world: Nike My Time Is Now as the most viewed commercial of 2012. The second-biggest sporting event of the year next to the Olympics was probably soccer's Euro 2012, which explains why this ad was the most viewed. The commercial is filled with big soccer stars like Ronaldo, Iniesta, Ribery or Neymar, who are challenged by group of unknown players who invade a stadium in the middle of a game between France and the Netherlands. The spot has had 20,937,432 hits.

Wieden + Kennedy had a very strong showing on the YouTube list, being responsible for a total of seven ads in the top 20. Chrysler 'Half Time in America' was at number 8, Nike Mercurial Vapor at number 9, and Old Spice spots filled numbers 13, 14, 19 and 20.

W+K also featured again in The 10 most popular ads among YouTube UK users in 2012. The number one ad for, Honda UK’s “spark” by Wieden & Kennedy London, has had had 3.8 million global views. The ad centres on a “spark of inspiration” at a Honda factory, as it passes through a series of adventures, before finally revealing the manufacturer's latest Civic model.


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