W+K’s Hello Neighbour Project: The Ghost of 16 Hanbury Street

HELLO NEIGHBOUR is a creative initiative in which W+K
collaborates with local talent to create installations in our Hanbury Street
window. This Halloween we are launching our first spine-tingling interactive installation, inspired by East London’s dark past. 


Whitechapel was once a sprawling slum,
described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous in the whole metropolis”. To discover more,
we visited Bishopsgate Institute, which boasts a library full of wonderful
history, with insights into every corner of the area. Here we discovered that Wieden + Kennedy's building stands on the site of a former sewing school for women set up by
Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts.


When her father, founder of Coutts Bank, died in 1822
Miss Coutts become England’s wealthiest heiress. Appalled by the foul conditions
of the East End, she set her sights on improving the area. One of her first great works was to establish
the sewing school for young women who had “turned aside from a path of virtue”.
Here they could be taught, fed, and provided with work. Whilst her work was of notable success, sadly, she could not save them

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 16.47.40

The ghosts from this area have dark histories that still haunt the streets to this day. The Hello Neighbour Halloween Window evokes the atmosphere of a time much darker than ours but that can still be found, if we just look hard enough. 


Founded in 1895, Bishopsgate Institute is a hub for culture and learning. The original aims of the Institute were to provide a public library, hall and meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London. Today the Institute welcomes people with a thirst for knowledge on the local area with access to their library, collections, courses and cultural events. You can find out more HERE.

Developed in-house by our Creative Technologist Will
Hooke, the instillation is built using OpenFrameworks and uses
 sensor to track the movement of people in front of the window. Working with musician Rose Dagul of Rhosyn, we created a soundtrack to
evoke a haunting atmosphere and entice passersby. As you approach the window,
you might get a glimpse of our ghost.

Come for a closer look, if you dare. 


A huge thank you to Willam Hooke, Katie Harrison, Laura Vent, Ben
Hutton, Nico Engelbrecht, Lucy Pearson, Rose Dagul, Alex Rogers, Sophie
Bodoh, Karen Jane, Tony and Kim and all at the Bishopsgate Institute. A special thank you to our resident ghost, Chloe Roseman.


If you work or live within a one-mile radius of the
agency and would like to collaborate with us, the Hello Neighbour team would
love to meet you. Email: hello.neighbour@wk.com.

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 09.59.29

planning placement: we’re open!


been busily reading through the hundreds and hundreds of applications we

Thank you all.

We're convening tonight to decide the
final 10 called for interview on the 10th.

Those who have been successful will
find out between 8-9am tomorrow morning.

If you haven't heard by then, I'm afraid
you haven't been successful this time.

We'll be posting again tomorrow morning
with some further advice!



We’re happy to announce the official opening of W+K London Planning Placement. Hurrah.

So what’s the deal?

It’s a three month paid placement in the planning department of W+K London. The placement starts in late January / early Feb 2013 (we’ll work out the best day for you). If possible, we’d like to get more of you in throughout the year, so if January’s not great, still say hello as we’d love to fit you in later in the year.

The placement is three months long (with reviews at the end of each month), which we think is the perfect amount of time to give you some proper experience with agency teams and clients, as well as you to gift us some of your energy and brains. Perfect.

Will I be paid?

Yes, you’ll be paid enough to cover living expenses, but if you’re in it for the money, this probably isn’t right for you. But, you’ll get some great experience and hopefully learn loads!

To whom is it open?

The placement is open to everyone, grads, non-grads, in a job, not in a job, from London, from Tokyo, from wherever, whoever. All we ask is that you are nice, interesting, curious and clever. (And that you have a valid work permit to work legally in this country!)

How do I apply?

All you need to do is answer the following four questions. We’d like to get your opinions on the industry, us as an agency and how planning fits in with that. As well as how you would tackle a strategic business / brand problem. We’re also curious to know more about your outlook on life and what you’re passionate or curious about.

Here are the questions…



Send your answers to us at planning.placement@wk.com.
You’ve got one month to apply. Applications close on Sunday 25th November at midnight (we look forward to our inbox that Monday morning). Please also send us your latest CV.

Ok, what’s next?

Successful applicants will be asked to come see us at the W+K office on Monday 10th December for a day of chats, tasks and probably lots of coffee. You’ll find out whether or not you’ve been invited to this day on / before Monday 3rd December.

Anything else I should know?

Our questions were wonderfully art-directed by our very talented receptionist Joe Haigh. Check him out at http://josephhaigh.tumblr.com (Give that man a job!)

manly new campaign for Maximus vodka from Wieden + Kennedy London

W+K London’s first campaign for Brown-Forman’s Maximus Vodka looks to inspire today’s generation of young men to feel empowered to be manly and take on the world.

Maximus Vodka embodies the qualities which make men, men and is a celebratory toast for all young aspiring men who dare to reclaim their manliness.


The work feeds off the acknowledged problem that across the globe there’s a generation of young men inheriting a world of economic worry and doubt. This has been described as a 'he-cession'. Really, it has. It’s difficult for men to remain confident or upbeat and this is having a direct effect on their most precious gift, their manliness. Tests have shown that testosterone levels are in general decline.

The Maximus campaign was designed so that whenever a young man sees a piece of Maximus communication, wherever it might be; he should feel empowered to express his manly qualities.

Maximus_6_Man Throat


On-trade, in-store and out of home launched in the brand’s home market of Poland and will roll out across other parts of Europe later this year.

American artist and man Mort Kunstler, who is famous for dramatic interpretations of American historical events, has been working with us to capture the essence and tone of the brand through evocative and inspirational illustrations of manly deeds.


Rise and conquer!

breast cancer research shindig at W+K

Today is special: we are raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research. We’ve glammed up the office and, as is the custom, all staff are expected to be fully clad in pink garb. Some
took this to the extreme, digging out those back of the wardrobe classics…

…and with a £2 minimum fine for pink dodgers, others devised cunning methods to escape payment.


There will be a series of events throughout the day, all helping add to our grand total donation. We have a ‘Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar’ game featuring pink Shrimps, kindly donated by local confectioner Suck & Chew. The correct guess will win the lot so the pressure was on.


We also hosted a Great W+K Bake Off featuring the agency's finest culinary talent. The variety was extensive with some impressive creations on show. Must mention Kirsten’s amazing stiletto cupcakes. The judges were hard-pressed to choose their winner, but unanimously voted to crown Sammy King, our cheeky Digital Strategist, ‘King of Cakes’. The cakes will be up for general sale with proceeds going to the charity.




Later this evening we will sell pink cocktails using vodka given to us by client Finlandia and, as the booze flows, we hope that those with tight purses may be more inclined to cough up. All the money will go to Breast Cancer Research, a noble cause and one close to our hearts.


Stay classy, East London.

the Campaign ‘really quite large’ awards

We sent a motley crew down to the Grosvenor last night to enjoy the finery of the Campaign Big Awards, where we picked up an Interactive Gold for The Kaiser Chiefs Bespoke Album Creation Experience (really regretting that long title now).




Wine was drunk, dances were..erm…danced. This morning has got off to a slow start.

 Thanks, Campaign!

Kasier cheifsgold

WK PR daaaaarlings

Today we enjoyed an all-too-fleeting visit from Heloise and Andrea, our lovely PR gurus from W+K Amsterdam. They are in town on a special 007 mission for our clients at Heineken, hosting journalists at a green carpet event for a sponsor's premiere of Skyfall. They managed to sneak away from Daniel Craig for long enough to lunch with us and to say hi to all the friendly faces they know here at Hanbury Street. The team colour co-ordination was purely by chance:


Want to be in our (planning) gang?

times at W+K towers.

We’re on
the hunt for a young planner (or planners) to come join us early next year for a three month
planning placement.

details will be up on the blog in the next few weeks. But here’s a heads up to
keep your beady eyes out.

To whet your appetite here’s Heads of Planning Kev and Paul’s weird scribbly diagram about the future of the role (no, we’re not sure what it means either).


(Charitably) embracing (sugary) failure

Here at W+K we talk about embracing failure. Sometimes things just don't work out, no matter how much you plan, research, prepare or test. Sadly Joe's attempt to smash last week's Chupa Chupa challenge is a case in point. 


But here at Welcome to Optimism, we like to see the positive in defeat. £236 raised for Cancer Research in the build up to next Friday's pink celebrations is a mega achievement. To Milky and everyone who donated, we salute you.

The World of Coke, Atlanta – Vicki & Kevin visit the mothership

During the recent trip for the FUZE TEA team to Atlanta, Vicki Sales & Kevin Chesters got the chance to visit the world famous WORLD OF COKE.

Here is Chesters meeting Coca Cola founder, Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton:


and Vicki about to enter "The Vault" to discover the secret formula (or at least the history of it)


Then it was series of interactive exhibits and adventures to explore the history of Coke in all its forms – from formula to 120 years of branding


They then went on to "Bubble-ize" themselves..


and again


They got to meet some more of the historical figures


and Vicki tried to get her hands on the secret formula


and then they got to get their hands on some rather nifty branded goods in the gift shop


A great experience. Amazing history of an amazing brand.

And great to see how much of W+K's work from across the year was celebrated and showcased.