Wieden + Kennedy repudiates agency suit/beard paradigm

Wieden london management

Since the dawn of time ad agencies have been categorised as either 'suited' (businessslike, service-focused, conservative) or 'beardy' (creatively focused, unconventional, innovative). Wieden + Kennedy has destroyed this paradigm by adopting a totally new approach. Management (above) are leading the way, with Kim (ECD), Tony (ECD) and Neil (MD) proudly displaying the results of an experimental suit/beard workshopping exercise. We believe clients will find this 'best of both worlds' positioning irresistible.
Our team of in-house genetic engineering specialists is already working on taking this to the next level by cloning some of our most distinctive qualities and applying them to all team members. See prototype below.


"Hello and welcome to Wieden + Kennedy London."

Here’s to you, Andy Cameron

In light of losing our friend/teacher/inspirer a few months ago, we decided to keep a memory of him in the form of an honorary olive tree on the terrace at W+K.

Because of Andy's love of Italy, we inaugurated it here with an Italian-style, sunny lunch. Pizzas? Limoncello? Prosecco? Of course.

The tree's plaque commemorates Andy with a little line in Italian. Basic translation: 'Big Feet, Big Heart'

(Or directly: 'His feet were like his heart…big').


You won't be forgotten here, Mr Cameron.





“Catnapped” the new ‘40 ‘second spot from Wieden + Kennedy London sees the return of Bertrum Thumbcat, back for part two of his plan for feline world domination. This time he has enlisted a thumb-cat army of milk stealing, cunningly trained kitties, who kidnap and brainwash milkmen to help them get their paws on all the Cravendale.

The spot launched on Saturday 8th September during X-Factor supported by a YouTube masthead, and an ITV.com takeover.

Directed by Traktor, the story opens on a guy buying a bottle of Cravendale at his local shop. Seeing a delivery van, he starts to wonder what’s happened to all of the milkmen. They can’t have just disappeared. We then cut to scenes of a milkman being kidnapped by the cats and brainwashed in their secret lair to join their army of henchmen.

In order for Berturm to recruit thumbcat comrades to join the cause, he has created a Facebook app that allows you to disguise photos of your cat and sign them up as one of his recruits.

And there’s more. The last week of September sees the launch of an on-pack promotion. Bertrum and his friends have been busy inventing ‘Epic Straws’ (Extreme Pilfering Instrument for Cravendale). Seemingly fun straws for kids – they are in fact milk-stealing devices. Ready for the thumbcats to use when the uprising comes. They cats have even made their own commercial to promote the straws on line. Look out for it on YouTube from 24th September.

Not on our watch, pussies!

Megalomaniac thumbcat Bertrum is back and he's got a plan. 
A big, evil plan to steal our Cravendale milk: he's brainwashing innocent milkmen to work as his milk-pilfering henchmen. Yes! 
But we're on to his scheme, and Cravendale has a message for Betrum and his gang: 
The new campaign broke on TV this evening.
You can also follow Bertrum on Facebook and Twitter.
Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 10.42.27
And your cat can join his thumbcat army.
Screen shot 2012-09-08 at 10.42.58

They’re back. And this time they’ve brought their thumbs. Again.

Batten down the cat flaps and keep a close eye on your Cravendale, because the cats with thumbs are back! Remember them?

We’ve uncovered alarming new evidence that shows their leader, Bertrum, is actively recruiting and coughing up fur balls of propaganda all over the internet.

The full extent of Bertrum’s plan will be exposed this Saturday night – you can join Cravendale on Twitter or Facebook to discuss the broadcast, and share your ideas for keeping pesky kitties at bay. We hear a ball of wool is a most effective method of distraction. Or you may prefer to keep tabs on Bertrum via his Facebook page and Twitter feed.

And remember: the cuter they are, the less they can be be trusted.

hitting the wall

There's a huge climbing wall in the car park across the road from WK Towers. It's part of a campaign for Walkers Crisps. Naturally, various Wieden + Kennedy folks have been compelled to climb it. Because it's there.

Matt, Sophy and Jen today braved the wall in a race.

Matt ended up with a slight overtake over Jen (far left above) and Sophy (far right), but heroic effort by all.
These two champs, Jen and Matt, scaled the ridge and survived to wear some rather fetching t-shirts.

Jen matt

Jen was so proud she wore the shirt back to the office.