Cravendale’s Bertrum recruits cats for his army

Bertrum Thumbcat is back on our screens this month.

As part of his plan for world domination he is building an army. In order for him to recruit his thumbcat comrades, we have equipped him with a social tool: a Facebook app that allows you to upload and disguise photos of your cat and sign them up as one of his recruits.

You can find the app here or access it through Bertrum Thumbcat's Facebook page.

Bertrum’s first app

Bertrum Thumbcat is back. With nothing less than a vengeance. 

He is planning to use his polydactyl power and his newly acquired doctorate in Mind Control Studies to take over the world (and steal all the Cravendale milk therein).

On his world travels he has met many cats and has been spreading the word of impending feline world domination. And official recruitment for Bertrum’s Thumbcat Army of milk-stealing world-dominating cats is now in full swing.

Join your cat up today using the Facebook app (and keep your eyes peeled for the new commercial, airing soon).


Wieden + Kennedy: building brands, fighting crime

When not busy devising business-building strategies for our clients, Wieden + Kennedy planning director Paul Colman is a crime fighter and 'have-a-go' hero. When a violent fracas broke out on Cheshunt Station platform Paul – on his way back from a meeting with Tesco – stepped in to assist a policeman who was getting thumped by a dodgy character.

Colman subdues thug

Using his trademark combination of logical brilliance and physical intimidation, Colman subdued the miscreant, who was swiftly brought to justice. Our man was happy to help but bitterly disappointed to be advised by the police that he was not authorised to use deadly force.

W+K Planning: they are The Law.

feel the power of old spice muscle music

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 21.44.25

Friends, people of the internet, co-workers, lovers, former lovers, random people who have come to this site by mistake, it is with great pride and excitement
that we introduce the technological and pectoral breakthrough that is
Old Spice Muscle Music, featuring Terry Crews, muscle-laden star of The Expendendables II. Never has so much stupidity and technological
breakthrough been combined into one thingy. It's the first ever fully
interactive and sharable music video/player on Vimeo (or YouTube for
that matter).

A lot of people in the W+K Portland office worked really hard on this. Well done, them. Please take a
minute to enjoy its funny stupidness and then feel free to send
it to everyone you know on the internet so they can enjoy its funny

Try it here:

Meanwhile, Terry Crews is answering questions on Reddit.

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 21.53.51
Handy keyboard guide for the Muscle Music player:
OS Muscle Music Keyboard Key,jpg

can a micro-network really handle a global account?

I noticed in last week's Campaign magazine that Jeremy Bullmore neatly summarises the 'micro-network' proposition. Since this is the model represented by us at W+K, I thought I would take the liberty of reproducing his remarks here for the benefit of anyone wondering the same thing as his correspondent.

Q: Can a micro-network of half-a-dozen offices really handle a
global account, Jeremy? And, if so, why am I as a client paying for an
agency with more than 150 offices?

A: I hadn't realised that agencies these days based their fees on the
number of offices they have around the world. Since the very beginning,
agency remuneration systems have been bizarre, so I can quite see the
attraction of an office-based tariff. At least you can count offices,
which is more than you can say for value delivered. But I do wonder if
you've got this entirely right?

If your global account is a single brand account, which primarily
requires a single, strong, brand-defining presentation rather than a lot
of local-nuance translations, adaptations, modifications and
exceptions; and if your brand share and competition are more or less the
same in all your markets; then I can see no reason why you shouldn't be
just as well-served by a micro-network – or even a single unit, come to
that. Your own people on the ground, if you have them, should be able
to look after everything else.

And if you go from an agency with 150 offices to an agency with just one, it presumably should be quite amazingly cheap?

While I would hesitate to describe Wieden + Kennedy as 'amazingly cheap', I can confirm that there are economies of scale available for clients who don't need or want an agency to service their outposts on a market-by-market basis, and we do this succesfully for clients including Nike, Coca-Cola, Levi's and Lurpak. And there is an additional benefit, which delivers further value for money: it's easier to maintain a consistently high standard of quality of work in a micro-network than it is when spread across 150 offices.

OK, sales pitch over. Back to what you probably came here for: more cute pictures of cats pushing trolleys...

Trolley cat

Iniesta pulls the strings for Nike in our new CTR360 campaign

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 23.12.16

Our campaign to announce the launch of the new Nike CTR360 Maestri III boot went live the other day. It features the world’s leading playmaker Andrés Iniesta, starring as a puppet master on the pitch.

The FC Barcelona midfielder expertly pulls the strings, dominating the midfield and dictating the pace of the game as a puppet on a miniature football pitch theatre set.

In the film Iniesta wears Nike’s completely re-designed CTR 360 Maestri III: the boots for the midfield maestro. Maestri – meaning Maestro in Italian – is the boot favoured by midfield players like Iniesta who rely on innovative performance features to enhance their control of the ball, and therefore the game itself.

You can watch Iniesta talking about the boots and the ad in this short film. On appearing in the spot Iniesta said: “It was fun to shoot; it is always good to do something a little different from the norm."

Our sentiments exactly.

Introducing the WK Trolley

Not only is it Friday. Not only is it Friday
before a bank holiday weekend. Not only is Neil away. IT'S ALSO LAUNCH OF THE

It will appear every so
often. Different days. Different times. Pushed by different

Today: It's a Friday PM. It's
nearly bank holiday. So some drinks are in order. Ronny and Leanne are in


Bank holiday vodkas
(thank you Maximus). Let's all pretend we're
in Mad Men and drinking in the office is once more acceptable. Next time it could be
Tony and Kim doling out tea and kit kats. Or Kirsten's amazing
cakes. Or Paul Colman and his stand

But one thing's for sure, one day Helen Foulder would like to see thisCat