Cloudability is a successful piece of PIE

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TechCrunch writes on a success story from our start-up incubator PIE, based in W+K's Portland HQ:

"Cloudability is one of the first great success stories from the Portland  Incubator Experiment (PIE). It marks a new point, too, for Wieden + Kennedy, a first PIE supporter. Wieden + Kennedy has since attracted clients such as the Coca-Cola Company and Google as participants in the effort. PIE is located in the advertising agency’s headquarters in Portland’s Pearl District neighborhood.
Why? Wieden & Kennedy is a forward-looking agency that sees how the world is becoming a more dynamic place. To adapt, it engages with people at the forefront of technology, arts and commerce. That’s where PIE comes in to play and subsequently Weiden & Kennedy’s investment in Cloudability."

Full article here.

Also: Cloudability is now the second (small) PIE-company-to-W+K-client story (after Urban Airship) – now working with W+K to develop communications work.

If you're from a start-up looking for funding, apply for PIE.

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Five get naked in Finland

As part of our ongoing work with Brown Forman, a large part of the team went up to Finland last week for an "immersion' – which largely consisted of drinking quite a bit of vodka, getting naked at every opportunity and eating a variety of Finnish cuisine.

Guy Featherstone, Chris Groom, Paulo Salamao, Mark D'abreo & Kevin Chesters packed what turned out to be an unneccesary amount of clothes and headed for the midnight sun.


It all started with a tour of the historic vodka bottling plant outside of Helsinki.


This was Paulo sampling the product. This wasn't the first glass and it wouldn't be the last.


Then we jumped on a boat to the 'Lodge' on an island somewhere further outside of Helsinki – in fact, somewhere out to sea.


It turned out to have rather a nice terrace, hot-tub (scene of many a Kev tumble & comedy bruising) and a large open bbq area. Nice. It was also close to the sea for freezing midnight Baltic swims.


Post-midnight after sauna sausages (there had been quite a bit of nakedness at this point)



Kev and Paulo go large on Rigid Inflatable Boats (thankfully we kept our clothes on).


Midnight Sun


The 'evening' finished at 6am. This deserves its own caption contest.


48 hours of Finnishness ends. We're still smiling. Brown Forman were amazing hosts. Huge thanks to Alex & Henna for organising an amazing trip for us all. Kev never tired of boring our hosts with stories of all his previous trips to Helsinki. But this one was definitely the most enjoyable.


We will NEVER speak of what happened here.

The entire trip brought us closer.

In fact since we returned it seems like we experienced something together. Was it amazing? Was it life-changing? Was it an ordeal?

We will NEVER speak of it. or 'that' sandwich.



Jolly Gym Boys

We couldn’t resist posting these adorable pictures of our senior interactive creative Jonathan Plackett on our blog.

Before he grew up and took a job in advertising, he was a child gymnast where he was so good he actually won quite a few medals.

Me and my trophy (3)
Jonny spoke to me about his time as a child gymnast. “I kinda miss wearing lycra and being physically active! I can still walk on my hands though”

Jolly gym boys 1.1

Jolly gym boys 3.2

Happy Birthday Neily-Poo!!

It was a big day today. Neil Christie – global partner, illustrious leader, and resident grammar police – turned the big three oh.* He didn't want a fuss, so naturally we followed his wishes and didn't draw any attention to the Birthday boy.


Neil's Scottish, but we didn't think we could attract anyone onto the roof with the promise of haggis, so we pretended he was Spanish and had a paella and sangria lunch to celebrate.



British summertime and an effective afternoon of work be damned.

But we hadn't quite embarrassed Neil enough, so we presented him with this cake of almost unutterable awesomeness. That hair really reminds us of someone

Happy Birthday Mr Christie.


*otherwise known as 50

W+K in top ten most respected interactive agencies

New Media Age has just released its Top 100 Most Respected Interactive Agencies Report 2012. Wieden + Kennedy has been ranked at number ten in the top 100. The table is compiled by every agency in the top 100 rating the agencies whom they most admire.

We're delighted to be recognised by our peers for the quality of our interactive work.

View the full report


welcome to optimism ranked world’s #1 ad blog! (sort of)

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Business Insider is kind enough to rank this here site as number one in their list of the world's most influential advertising blogs. (To be fair, it's not clear that the list is ranked with any intended hierarchy, but we are named first out of 22.)

They say:

Wieden + Kennedy London's parent office was the Cannes Lions' agency of the year. This blog takes you inside their London outpost: their campaigns, their flasks, and their British cupcakes honoring July 4th. There are a lot of agency blogs. Most are self-serving and rarely updated, this is an exception.

Thanks, Business Insider.

W+K Shanghai's Rib Campbell also makes the list with his blog The Musings of an Opinionated Sod. He comments:

So I’ve just found out that Business Insider – an organisation that I previously always assumed was smart and insightful – have put this blog in their article Meet the 22 Most Influential Advertising Bloggers.

I know … I know … saying any 42 year old, Birkenstock-wearing Queen fan is anything other than tragic, is utter madness.

That said, as much as I’d like to act all casual about it, I feel ridiculously chuffed about it – mainly because I know I shouldn’t be there and I feel I’ve just bagged a night with a young Angelina Jolie who has mistaken me for some big shot movie producer.

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so long from watford

The students from West Herts College (Watford) have been in for the past two weeks, beavering away in the basement. Keen as mustard, the lovely bunch are a big credit to course tutor Tony Cullingham, a man responsible for countless creatives careers within the industry. TC we salute you!

Check out his blog here:

We wish them well in the big wide world. And hope to see a couple back here soon. In the meantime here's a parting note from the guys themselves:

So long, and thanks for all the bread.

Every Monday starts with a certain sense of trepidation for Watford students, as we round off our tour of eighteen agencies in eighteen weeks. Will the agency set live briefs? Will we get to meet the Creative Directors? Will there be free hot beverages and/or foodstuffs on offer? The answer to all of this at Wieden's has been yes, yes, and ‘Why hello giant breadbin and fridge full of the finest toast spreads known to man’. We were immediately inspired to get down to work.

Watford 1

Learning how to play the ruler.

Our first task was to work on a live brief. We can’t say what we did, so won’t reveal whether the crit was an hour of epic win or monumental facepalm. 

Watford 2

We’ve had loads of good talks while we’ve been here. Matt and Sammy spoke about how social media should be about entertaining, not selling. Guy F showed us lots of cool design while worrying that he was boring us by showing us lots of cool design. Kevin Chesters gave a passionate definition of planning, that mysterious job not many ‘civilians’ understand because no one in Mad Men does it, and Hollie Newton introduced us to the world of Brand Books. This was particularly interesting as it’s something we hadn’t learnt much about so far, but is integral to how Wieden + Kennedy work. 

Ex-Watfordian Will Hooke told us us about his role as a Creative Technologist, before setting us a weekend brief to come up with money-spinning digital idea. He then – bar one notable exception – killed them all with fire on Monday afternoon. Cheers Will!

ECD Kim Papworth even took the time to see us, and in a classic case of l’esprit de l’escalier, we only thought of good questions to ask him after he had left. Kim, if you’re reading this, what films and books would you say have changed your outlook on life?

We’ve also been working on two very different briefs for Visit Wales and Three Mobile. Ben and Al very patiently read through approximately 4,000 scripts featuring mountains, sheep and the Michelin-starred food that few people know you can eat west of Offa’s Dyke, and took a few forward to show to Kim and Tony.

Watford 3

All-in-all it’s been a really great fortnight. Wieden’s has really gone out of their way to make us feel welcome, taken the time to give us book crits and oh god, we’ve eaten so much of their toast that Ronny (office manager) has taken to simply lobbing huge sacks of loaves over the balcony down to the basement every morning.

Thank you Wieden's, it’s been great!