new Nike campaign: find your greatness

Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman famously said ‘if you have a body, you’re an athlete’. It is this mantra that still lies at the heart of the Nike brand and is brought to life in the ‘Greatness Anywhere’ work that launched globally over the weekend.

Greatness_Hero_01 jpeg

At a moment when all of the world’s eyes are on a select number of elite athletes, in a small corner of the world, Nike is shining the spotlight on all athletes, wherever they are.  

In a film created by W+K Portland, Nike calls on all athletes to find their greatness. Dispelling the perception that greatness is reserved for the chosen few, Nike reminds us that greatness is in all of us, it’s just a matter of trying.

Our friends from Portland had the hard task of travelling the globe, finding greatness in Londons across the world, including South Africa, London Towers in Shanghai and Little London, Jamaica. Tough work.

Here's the main film:

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