New work from W+K Portland: Target, Chrysler, Powerade

Sharing some new work from our esteemed colleagues at Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

First up: Target 'Young Avengers'. Target reminds you that there's really nothing better than that feeling of play, that picking up an action figure or putting on a t-shirt can instantly take you from ordinary citizen to world's mightiest hero. Keep the faith, true believers.

Chrysler 'The Second Half'. As part of the continuation of the "It's Halftime in America" campaign (you know, the one with Clint Eastwood) we introduce "The Second Half". The spots are inspired by stories we've heard from people across the country, showing the things Americans are doing every day to move forward and win their own second half.

And finally, Powerade 'The Dance'. Launching during college basketball season's 'March Madness', this ad tells the story of a coach motivating an underdog team as they prepare to compete against the tournament favourites. "We're not here for the cameras, foam fingers, funnel cakes, new-age uniforms or faulty expectations. We are here to disrupt this show, take ownership of the rims and finish what we started."

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