animals of reception

Bear and donkey

The shelves in Wieden + Kennedy's reception may look old, dusty, and full of tat. But the reality is far, far from that.
Over years, the personalities that have given blood sweat and tears to Wieden’s culture have left parts of their lives behind (in the form of cool, shabby stuff). Pretty nice of them.
This collection, displayed in the 'L gallery' in our reception desk, which is officially London's second smallest gallery, is entitled ‘Animals of the Reception’. It was handpicked carefully by Ronny, with the hope that it would be a welcome sight to any visitor.
It’s already made receptionist Nicola cry; she says she was both shocked and disappointed. We're pretty sure any child, mistakenly lured into our shop-like building, will never be able to sleep again.

Polar and ferret
Bird and spider

foffa freebies

Foffa 1

Hi, John here.

Foffa Bikes have just given us a couple of single speeds to play around with. It’s in the hope that we’ll buy some when we realise how absolutely brilliant they are. Which trust me, they are.

There’s nice!

To find out how wicked these hand-built bad boys really are, they’ve asked us to test them at our leisure. This should be useful for us and useful for them. We get some free bikes, and they make some sales. Win – win, right?

Foffa 2


We accidentally break both bikes in a cycle jousting match after an evening at the pub, and both parties are left in tears.

We’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks, Foffa Bikes.

Here's some more info on Foffa:

Dani Foffa started his passion working on vintage bikes in 2007 from his tiny flat whilst keeping his day job in the city.

In 2009 he quit his job and took a risk to follow his passion and teamed up with photographer tyson sadlo to create Foffa bikes. They then opened a shop in east London along with a few more passionate cyclist friends. Since then Foffa bikes have introduced the fully customisable ‘prima’ bike, a range of affordable high quality parts, as well as the concept bike ‘Ciao’ and the stick-your-fix range of designer stickers.


W+K folks make music

Musical endeavours by W+Kers past and present.

Above is the debut video from 2:54, featuring former Wieden + Kennedy staffer Colette Thurlow. Scarlet is the title track from their forthcoming EP, their first release for Fiction and the fruits of their work with producer Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) and mixer Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails). The Guardian describes them as:

Foggy, claustrophobic gloom-pop delivered without a hint of a smile, with at least one of them sporting a black leather jacket. (It does also describe them as 'excellent'.)

Meanwhile, W+K planner Oscar Powell has just released a12" 'The Ongoing Significance of Steel and Flesh' on his own label, Diagonal Records.

Screen shot 2011-11-07 at 13.43.17

It's available from Boomkat, who describe it thus:

First edition of 350 copies. Laser-cut, hand-assembled jacket housing hand-stamped & numbered insert* Diagonal, a new label from London demands your attention with three KILLER bare-boned rhythm tracks by label head Powell, backed with a superb Karl O'Connor (Regis) remix. Powell's original tracks are a masterful reduction and consolidation of ideas studied from the likes of Nitzer Ebb, Suicide and Mika Vainio, matching their rockabilly attitude with the kind of dry, technoid funk exercised by Raime or Vatican Shadow. His title track is all chugging, bow-kneed swagger, like warehouse music made in 1959, while '09' is sludgier and gloweringly stush, and 'Robotics' like some leather-lashed tribal tattoo from Cut Hands. Needless to say, Karl O'Connor's remix appointment is an inspired choice – a purified reduction of fluid bass and echoic snares subsumed by a looming, pitch black wave of wraith-like phantasms. An essential selection for the connoisseurs.

Slightly less current, but MD Neil Christie's old band He's Dead Jim finally made the nationals in last month's Word magazine, as part of a feature on the DIY post-punk scene of the early 80s. Can a triumphant reunion tour be far off? (Funnily enough, no offers yet.) 

He's Dead jim

He's Dead Jim's album 'Colour Climax, Monochrome World' (described as "pure [trash] punk, a lot of Mark E. Smith and maybe some Billy Childish") is still available here.