Visit Wales We Want Piers Bramhall – Next Phase Breaks

W+K's next phase of the 'We Want Piers Bramhall' campaign has broken.  Six 10″ TVCs – teasers to this September's big trip when Piers and his girlfriend Emma finally set off on their first holiday in Wales – are running during ad breaks from Coronation Street through to the Jeremy Kyle Show for the next ten days.

The campaign launched in August when an unsuspecting Englishman, Piers Bramhall, was invited personally by Joanna Page and an entourage of 50 Welsh male choristers to take a holiday in Wales, all part of Visit Wales' initiative to get the nation to holiday there.

The teasers feature a ‘cardboard’ Piers who W+K took on the shoot to Wales last month. The films can also be found on video on demand, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The nation of Wales has been busy inviting Piers and Emma to enjoy what they love most about the country, including some celebrities who have been pledging what they would do there with the couple.

From 5th September Piers and Emma will spend 7 days in Wales enjoying everything the country has to offer, with Digital OOH, radio partnerships, online films, Twitter updates and Facebook hub live to keep abreast of the action.

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