Glory Is Ours…

When it became clear Nike would have two of its biggest football teams in the Champions League final, we knew we needed to do something to celebrate. Rather than show how the two teams differed, playing them off in a classic head-to-head, we decided to show how they were similar. Headlines were written that were true to both teams, and art direction positioned club colours and type face intertwined, evenly matched and joined with tension. The campaign thought, GLORY IS OURS, could be applied to either team, leaving it up to fans to argue who will really be victorious on game day.

Through print, digital outdoor and online media we framed the debate in the lead up to game. And it was fierce, with Facebook postings getting as many as 250 comments in 5 minutes. An AV spot was created showing both teams delivering a manifesto that could equally apply to each other. Tomorrow it will be on TV just before we find out for sure who can claim, ‘GLORY IS OURS’. But if you can't wait that long, you can check it out here:






guardian’s ‘new band of the day’ gig

Wednesday night saw The Guardian's first ever 'New Band of the Day' gig at the Star of Kings. New Band of the Day is, as its name suggests, a daily column on which features a review of an up and coming band. The artists playing were Rumer, Summer Camp who recently curated an article for The Guide and Wretch 32. That's 3 and 2, not 32, just so you know.

Here's a picture of Rumer performing.


And Summer Camp.


A good fun night with the real star of the show clearly being the wonderful banner we created as part of the 'Music Loves Summer' season now running in the Guardian and Observer. The campaign launched May 13th, we talked about it here and continues for a few more months spanning many many different elements, including these.

No campaign would be complete without the obligatory beer mats after all. Note extremely strong art direction by Mr Ben Terrett here.

This weekend sees a series of brilliant features including the Music Power 100 list in Film & Music today, if you buy the paper tomorrow there is the chance to win 40 pairs of Glastonbury tickets and an exclusive interview with the Arctic Monkeys in the Observer on Sunday. But you knew that right? As you've seen these ads here…



The Future of Design – In Tweets


Last night The Event Space played host to The Future of Design, an open discussion with 6 designers. Alongside our very own Ben Terrett, Mark Holt, Stuart Watson (VentureThree), Marina Waller (Wolff Olins), Carl Burgess (More Soon) and Mills (ustwo™) all took to the stage. 

Click on the image below to see how the event played out in tweets! It was a fantastic night that raised as many questions as answers. Thanks to all who, came, saw, spoke and tweeted.


Screen shot 2011-05-26 at 11.28.31



marketing week engage awards


A pretty good night last night at The Marketing Week Engage awards. Our table (W+K, AKQA, Mindshare and Nike) picked up a few gongs. And compere Chris Evans said of Nike's Adam Collins and our Nic Owen, 'Those guys are so fucking cool.' The loquacious ginger platter-spinner is correct on this one.

Screen shot 2011-05-25 at 13.09.25
But we lost out (above) on agency of the year, coming second to Karmarama. Damn them and their brave thinking and outstanding work.

Winners were immortalised on a pack of special Top Trumps cards. Here are the ones relating to stuff we were involved with.

Grid trump

Old spice trump
WTF trump

As you can imagine, much fun was had comparing these scores from campaign to campaign. 'Costa coffee gets a '10' for engagement and Write the Future only gets 8?' Hey ho.

The evening was also enhanced by a couple of nice chaps who presented us with a (warm) bottle of congratulatory champagne but didn't explain who they represented or what they did. Thanks, gents.

the hard sell: Cravendale

Screen shot 2011-05-24 at 12.42.31

The Guardian's 'Hard Sell' takes on our Cravendale campaign. I think they like it. But I'm not sure.

Traditionally, adverts are meant to make you want to buy the product they're advertising. They're supposed to be aspirational, or funny, or memorable, or just feature a long, drawn-out romance between a couple that couldn't have kept their love alive or overcome the bumps in the romance road without the help of a company that offers both telephone and internet services. But not since the 90s, when alcopop Metz introduced the dream-haunting Judderman (don't YouTube it before bed) has a TV advert made me feel so uncomfortable as the Cravendale Cats With Thumbs.

The 41 seconds of terror begin deceptively quietly, when the question is posed: "Why do cats always stare when you're pouring milk"? Apparently it's because they're plotting. They know it's only a matter of time until they grow thumbs (the crunchy squelchy sound of a sprouting cat thumb will haunt you at 4.35am, when you wake up sweating and shaking as your own moggy scratches at the door). Cravendale wants us to know that when cats have opposable digits, they'll be reading books (on WAR – SIGNIFICANT!!!), sewing, and forming 1960s West Side Story-style gangs, only with worse singing voices. Cats can already see things we can't; what makes you think forming an army to reclaim the world's milk isn't the next step? The irony, of course, is that adult cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk. Which means that any act of war over dairy products is just spiteful. The ad closes with the futile words "Jog on, kitty." But it's no use. It's a stark warning of a worrying future when felines rule the planet and humans are left with the worst thing of all: soy milk.

The Pool

Our friends at Nike have been up to some brilliant tricks, in Dagenham.

Having found a 1970s swimming pool destined for demolition, they set to work. The pool was drained, ramps were added  and a unique BMX venue was created that will be open for 30 days this summer.

Nike opened The Pool with a competition showcasing some of their world class BMX talent, and it is now open for use. You can even borrow a BMX and give it a go. Boris bikes these ain't. 

Here is a little film encapsulating the whole metamorphosis:

The Pool – The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Tom Waits is my life coach

This was forwarded to me by Paul Colman from the excellent site letters of note.

I liked it so much I wanted to share it here.

Letters of Note said:

The following letter was written in 2006 by legendary gravel-voiced musician Tom Waits to a 15-year-old named Colin, in response to a piece of fan mail written by the youngster a few months previous. It was accompanied by a signed photo, also seen below. The opening joke of Waits' charming letter can be explained by Colin's hometown: Palestine, Illinois.

Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 22.38.17

Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 22.38.30
Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 22.38.43

As one might expect and hope, Tom Waits writes in the scrawl of a crazed doctor. So to save your time, here's the deciphered transcript:

Jun 6, 2006


You're from Palestine? How did you find the time to write….given all the trouble you are having with Israel? Good to hear from you, your sister has good taste, so do you. Allow me to formally encourage to write things down, so when you make it you can say, and I can say, I was in your corner all along. Thanks for all your kind words, always good to hear from the younger generation telling me I have value and relevance. Stay at it Colin. Lots of great people come from Illinois because it's so flat you have to dream up everything, that's what my wife says….she's from there, & lots of Presidents are from Illinois. OK Colin go out there and take the world by the tail, pull it down, wrap it around and put it in your pocket.


Tom Waits

I knew Tom Waits was a maverick musical genius but I didn't know he also took the time to coach and counsel random kids.

"Go out there and take the world by the tail." Great advice for any young person who wants to make it in any creative field. Or indeed anything.

Wise words, Mr Waits. Like the time when you said, 'My father was an exhaust manifold and my mother was a tree.'