Fishy fingers and spitting alpacas on Honda shoot

Last week, Laura, Emma and I (Hollie) set out for a Honda shoot with our intrepid client Sara.
First stop Devon: and an absurdly chilly fishing boat somewhere in the middle of the English Channel.

Fish Shoot

Things to note from the first leg of our road trip…

1. On a shoot as cold and windy as this, fashion goes out the window.


2. W+K ladies can create a professional, office-like environment anywhere.


3. Next time I write the words “we open on a fishing boat in the dead of night,” I shall consider the implications.

Dark boat

If you peer closely, you might just be able to make me out in the corner of the cockpit, whimpering, while trying to warm my hands on a dead sea bass.

To Oxfordshire next, and a farm breeding everyone’s favourite British livestock: alpacas.

Things to note from the second leg of our trip…

1. If you potter into a herd of alpacas, they’ll spit bright green regurgitated crud at you. As I discovered to my detriment.

Alpaca Sign

2. Put Emma near an alpaca, and she’ll act as a sort of ‘alpaca aphrodisiac’, inciting scenes that would make my grandmother blush.

Humping Alpaca

3. If you set up a camera rig three inches off the ground on a fast-moving vehicle, you should probably take molehills into account.


The campaign should be landing in your telebox in about 6 weeks.

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