Come And Get Your Free Cupcake Today!

In celebration of tomorrow's Royal Wedding – we are giving out delicious Royal W+K Royal cupcakes, created by Lily Vanilli, here at the agency on Hanbury Street, E1 at 4pm. 

Our current window installation, the Wieden + Kennedy + Will + Kate interactive souvenir postcard maker is in full swing:

Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.46.12 
Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.46.31 
Screen shot 2011-04-28 at 10.46.44 
Everybody is welcome to come and make their own postcards and eat cake (served by Lily herself) to commemorate the big day with us.


wieden + kennedy is Creative Review agency of the year 2011

CR 2011 AotY

The Creative Review annual 2011 is just out, with their selection of the best work in advertising and design of the last 12 months. Some of our work was featured and they named us their agency of the year. Which is very nice. They said, 'Our winner this year has really delivered in all aspects of modern advertising'.
CR 2010 Nokia Dot
CR 2011 Nokia Poodle
CR 2011 Nike Grid
CR 2011 Nike

Fishy fingers and spitting alpacas on Honda shoot

Last week, Laura, Emma and I (Hollie) set out for a Honda shoot with our intrepid client Sara.
First stop Devon: and an absurdly chilly fishing boat somewhere in the middle of the English Channel.

Fish Shoot

Things to note from the first leg of our road trip…

1. On a shoot as cold and windy as this, fashion goes out the window.


2. W+K ladies can create a professional, office-like environment anywhere.


3. Next time I write the words “we open on a fishing boat in the dead of night,” I shall consider the implications.

Dark boat

If you peer closely, you might just be able to make me out in the corner of the cockpit, whimpering, while trying to warm my hands on a dead sea bass.

To Oxfordshire next, and a farm breeding everyone’s favourite British livestock: alpacas.

Things to note from the second leg of our trip…

1. If you potter into a herd of alpacas, they’ll spit bright green regurgitated crud at you. As I discovered to my detriment.

Alpaca Sign

2. Put Emma near an alpaca, and she’ll act as a sort of ‘alpaca aphrodisiac’, inciting scenes that would make my grandmother blush.

Humping Alpaca

3. If you set up a camera rig three inches off the ground on a fast-moving vehicle, you should probably take molehills into account.


The campaign should be landing in your telebox in about 6 weeks.

founders’ day frolics

Horse guard

Kyla tower

Every year, every wieden+kennedy office has a Founders' Day spectacular, on or around April Fools' day, to commemmorate the founding of the agency. It's not just a party, it's a treasure hunt / bonding session / low-rent version of The Apprentice. WK London's 2011 extravaganza took place last week and had a royal wedding theme. Here are a few of the many pictures from the day.
Neil kilt
Paulo bell
Sylvan postbox
With busker


Alex gown


wieden + kennedy + will + kate

We noticed that Wieden + Kennedy shares its initials with the royal couple William and Kate. W+K designer Jo Glover and spatial designer Philip Cooper were moved by this portentous omen to create a celebratory installation in the window of our Hanbury Street office.

W+K window

They made a spectacular six-foot high wedding cake based on Royal wedding cakes from the past. The cake is now on display, attracting the attention of Shoreditch hipsters, Japanese art students and local residents. 



They also built an interactive souvenir postcard maker.

Portrait thing

This enables passers-by to make their own royal portrait and upload and share it on our special WKandWK Facebook page.

Here are a couple of nice ones:

Crowns 2

Mana and dog
We hope that our window installation will give Londoners and the 1.1 million visitors expected to the capital for William and Kate's wedding the opportunity to feel a little bit more royal for the day.

The day before the wedding, 28th April, Wieden + Kennedy invites everyone (well, so long as 1.1 million don't turn up) to come to the agency and enjoy one of our delicious royal W+K cupcakes, created by Lily Vanilli ‘The Queen of Cupcakes’ (ES Magazine). We'll be handing them out – FREE!

Not everyone is lucky enough to be one of the 1,900 guests invited to Will and Kate’s big day (they missed me off the list, for example) so we wanted to create a special experience where everyone is welcome.  We want our guests to feel like royalty, and to share a piece of our cake. And even if you're not a monarchist, an extra public holiday is worthy of celebrating with cake.

As if that wasn't enough royal wedding-related stuff, the theme is continued in the current exhibition in Wieden + Kennedy's L Gallery.

L gallery

This gallery is small enough to be located in the reception desk in our offices. The current display consists of some lovely royal wedding souvenirs.



wieden + kennedy’s fake Kate Middleton


While Royal Wedding fever grips the nation, we have been telling the lovely Miss Naomi Bartle (account manager on our P&G business) that she is a dead ringer for Kate Middleton for literally a hundred years and that she needs to cash in on it. She's been time-poor so we let it slide. But then Anna Blackstock spotted a competition in Heat magazine for the best Fake Kates.

So we decided we would all enter Naomi. We got the dress, the ring, the shoes all sorted and Naomi supplied the body, the hair and the regal smile. We all went down to a shoot at the Queen's House on Tuesday evening and got W+K's Robbie to pap Fake Kate which he did expertly.

Naomi emailed off the final pics to Heat on Wednesday evening. It appears we missed the deadline (obviously, it's the first time W+K has ever missed a deadline) but the Heat team loved Naomi's shots so much she won a special prize. Magestic!

Naomi 2