we won the Three pitch!

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Three team

Celebrations at Wieden + Kennedy on the news that we had won the pitch for mobile network Three. They came in to tell us that we'd won and of course there was no champagne in the agency – Karyn had to nip out to Tesco so we could toast our success with something other than Coke Zero.

Despite the fact that on the night before the pitch we flooded the presentation room with toxic fumes, we still managed to come through in the end without poisoning any clients. And despite the fact that in the pitch Chesters said to the (female) client 'I want to do it. And I want to do it with you.' And Helen used the phrase 'two quarters' in conversation with Three's head of procurement. And the possibly excessive use of monkey imagery in almost every concept we presented at the tissue meeting. The client kindly indulged this simian extravagance with the words, 'I love the monkey world.' (NB – no monkeys likely to appear in final campaign.)

Three is the UK's biggest 3G network and has more than 6.2 million customers in this country. It's the UK market-leader for mobile broadband, having come first in the two most recent YouGov surveys of Mobile Broadband customers.

W+K London will now take the lead in developing brand communications and delivering creative work for Three in the UK, conceiving and overseeing the implementation of integrated campaigns and delivery of TV, radio, press, outdoor and digital advertising work as Three continues its push for growth in the UK market.

A splendid start to the year!

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