Purveyors of sensual confusion

Bompas and Parr gave WK Platform an interesting talk on their methods and inspiration just before christmas. It was an early start, but that was no excuse for us not to try a new type of liquor they were working on. It was extremely strong, very tasty and very top secret. Alcohol out of the way!

The jelly-mongering juxtapositionists then spoke about the challenges and delights faced whilst staging their extravagant projects. From a Courvoisier punch lake and a drinkable, yet potentially explosive gin cloud to Wonka-esque flavour-evolving chewing gum and ziggurat citrus clouds with Fairtrade. Bompas and Parr are trying to push our senses in new directions.

We discussed the essence and main drivers behind their ideas. It would appear that the post-digital age has created a growing demand for sensual engagement. This desire and delight for taste and smell is spawning very real and exciting opportunities for story telling. So what does this mean for the WK Platfomers? Well part of the Platform brief is to investigate the future of story telling. B+P's interpretation of this challenge utilises sensual amplification and juxtaposition to manufacture synaesthesia. The theatre of food's a great way an experience can be enhanced. Investigating this area is not only fascinating, but also delicious. Many thanks to B+P for their time.

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