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Lactofree, the UK’s first range of lactose-free dairy products this week launches a new print campaign across the UK.  Created by Wieden + Kennedy (that's us!) the work will run in the Metro newspaper group through January and February. Like this:

Metro Monday 24th January

The ads were illustrated by Owen Gildersleeve, using a range of hand-crafted methods.

The new creative seeks to unravel the sometimes confusing world of lactose intolerance, which is thought to affect up to one in seven of the UK population. The ads aim to help consumers recognise the symptoms of the condition. Which is useful, because over 90 percent of those who think they can’t have dairy can with Lactofree.

6125_Lactosefree Landscape_r6

Our mission was simple, to help people have a really good cuppa or a tasty bowl of cereal. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is when you’re lactose intolerant. We realised that there’s a lot of confusion around the subject of dairy problems. So we wanted to help people navigate this world, avoid the pitfalls and confusion along the way and get to the holy grail – a cup of tea that doesn’t give you belly ache. 

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