Jennifer Joins Planning

Here is the newest member of the planning department, Jenny Lewis, who joins us from Leo Burnett where she was an account manager.  She interviewed for a similar role here but we thought she'd be a rather wonderful planner so have convinced her to come over to the dark side.

She didn't moan when Planning Directors Kevin and Paul took her to a 'gentleman's club' a fortnight before she joined us – so we're sure she'll fit in brilliantly.


2 thoughts on “Jennifer Joins Planning”

  1. You can see where this is going, can’t you. Jennifer Joins Planning/Debbie Does Dallas.
    So she didn’t moan when her new boses took her to a ‘gentleman’s club’. Well, how could she? Do you know anything about power relationships? And what is a ‘gentleman’s club’? Jeez, you are apalling.

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