Culture Hack Day 2011 at W+K

Culture Hack Day is

a weekend for the arts, software and hardware hackers to get together and create exciting things.

It's been produced by The Royal Opera House, and as part of Wieden + Kennedy Inspire, W+K London are providing the event space, and some of our account people, creatives (and creative technologists) and planners have come along, too.

Here's a crowd gathering for the 'lightning talks' session in the afternoon. There's a good bunch of people talking.

Culture Hack Day 2011    

If you're reading this on Saturday 15th or Sunday 16th January 2011, it's happening right now. Keep an eye on on @culturehackday and #chd11 for updates and highlights, and the official photos.

Big thanks to Donna and Pete and Gav for helping sort out the building and IT for everyone – they've been working through the day to make sure everyone has a good day.

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