3/4 of a classroom lit

The bills have arrived and the latest results for our OFF-ON pilot are in.

November: we reduced our energy use by 10% and saved a total of £239. Which isn't bad at all.

December: we only reduced our energy use by 6%. Which isn't stupendous.

It means we've now lit up 3/4 of a classroom at Cheryl's orphanage and saved a total of £368.

Looking at the figures, we found there was a surge of engagement during the first 2 weeks which started to drop, only to increase again after our 2nd agency meeting in which we showed our edit of Cheryl's Children's Home.

The learning? We need to talk to people more to keep it front of mind. We've also decided to focus on one thing, rather than asking too much of people.

So for the next 2 weeks we're holding a 'Computers Unplugged' campaign.

We've asked people to focus solely on unplugging their computers, giving them playful tannoy announcements, 'switch-off'-related theme tunes to be played sporadically throughout the day and surprise rewards.

Fingers crossed this will get us doing one thing really well, so we can then move onto the next task. Like turning off the lights.

We'll keep you posted on our results.

Here's our latest piece from Cheryl's which we shared with the agency yesterday.


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