W+K – Shoot Magazine’s Agency Of The Year 2010

Shoot Magazine, the leading publication for commercial and entertainment production, has announced that Wieden + Kennedy Portland has been selected as its 2010 Advertising Agency of the Year.

They say: SHOOT selected its agency of the year based on which ad shop made the biggest positive impact in '10 in terms of brand building, creative, and successfully weaving its clients into the social fabric of mainstream and pop culture. In an evolving creative marketplace where advertising and entertainment have come together, W+K stood out in 2010, winning a coveted entertainment industry award, the primetime commercial Emmy, for the second straight year–this time for Old Spice's “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” The spot proved to be a branding phenomenon, paving the way for a social media campaign that made the Old Spice brand hip and contemporary, a far cry from your father and grandfather's Old Spice. More importantly this reshaping of the brand translated into impressive sales gains.

Meanwhile W+K returned to its Nike roots with athlete-led brand work, including “The Human Chain,” another Emmy nominee, and the recent LeBron James tour de force “Rise,” which tackled the superstar's eroding popularity in some people's minds as he asks us “What should I do?” “Rise” became the #1 most viewed online sports video during the week of a campaign launch, generating some 2.6 million views on Youtube.

Even work that wasn't favourably received across the board garnered pop culture attention–namely “Earl and Tiger,” the first spot in which Tiger Woods appeared following his public fall from grace. With narration from Tiger's late father, the video was seen on newscasts and TV shows as well as online around the world, reaching some 200 million people globally in one week.

Breakthrough social media work for ESPN, Winter Olympics fare for Procter & Gamble, redefining campaigns for Target, and an inspiring Levi's Ready To Workwear campaign tied to one town's resurrection after the country's economic downturn were among the highlights of W+K's 2010 portfolio.

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