W+K girls are better than boys: official

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet .

Dan Hon has attempted to sweep something massive under the carpet. A monumental victory has taken place on Hanbury Street, something that Emmeline Pankhurst, her Suffragette friends and all 5 members of the Spice Girls would be high fiving about. But something than Dan Hon thinks should be stuffed into an email trail.

Nike GRID happened. You all know that.

Let it be known that the WK boys challenged the girls.

The boys were defeated monumentally.

4360 points to the boys plays a sparkling 9170 points to the girls.

W+K boys
W+k girls
Watch the events in gloriou
s technicolour here:

(Arguably the film belies the level of grit and determination displayed throughout the 2 week period)

 See the medals of honour and team lists here:



Top work, girls.

Laura x

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