Roo Reynolds Joins W+K

We can announce today a senior addition to the team – Roo Reynolds will join us as Head of Emerging Platforms later this year.  Roo will be working with both creative and planning departments – and W+K clients – he will help them explore and understand new and emerging platforms.

As media and technology continue to change rapidly, it has become evident that agencies need to attract people with diverse talents and broad skills in order to engage further with audiences.  This latest hiring reflects this.  We're attracting the best talent in the world to create non-traditional solutions for the business problems of our clients and to bridge the gap between traditional and digital.

Roo joins W+K from the BBC where he was previously the portfolio executive for social media at BBC Vision, developing and delivering the BBC's strategy in the intersection between social media and television.  Outside of work, Roo co-creates Shift Run Shop, the popular weekly geek podcast which has featured as Time Out's podcast of the week with guests including an eclectic range of people including comedians, writers, TV & radio presenters, particle physicists and astro-biologists.

Paul Colman, W+K Planning Director said, 'We're delighted that Roo has agreed to join us. He's an innovative, progressive thinker and will be a great asset tot he W+K planning team.  There's an immediate job to do in the area of social media, but Roo's focus will also be on whatever is around the corner'.

Roo said, 'Joining W+K is an incredibly exciting opportunity.  I'll be building on my experience of heading up social media at BBC Vision, and am looking forward to helping W+K continue their journey of learning how to communicate in new and inventive ways which reach and excite people.  Joining the London office and getting to work with the amazing talents in both the planning and creative teams is going to be an awful lot of fun, and I can't wait to get started'.


6 thoughts on “Roo Reynolds Joins W+K”

  1. Congrats guys. What with BBH bringing on board Jeremy Ettinghausen and you hiring Dan Hon and now Roo, it seems the game is indeed changing. Not sure we can keep up.

    BTW, what’s so bad about your account management team that he’s NOT looking forward to working with them?

  2. Robin: thanks.

    And oops! 🙂 My oversight. I’m totally looking forward to working with the account management team too (and everyone else too, come to that). I concentrated on the other two because I was sneakily pointing out that I’ll be working with both, rather than being pigeon holed into one or the other.

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