the awards hunter captured by the game

 Trophy h 2

'You won't find any awards in our reception,' is what we say to visitors.

Er, except now you will, in the form of a spectacular sculpture by Ben Hughes, constructed from a bunch of gongs, trophies, geegaws and pencils awarded to the agency over the last few years. 'The Trophy Hunter' is reminiscent of depictions of the martyrdom of St Sebastian, with his torso pierced in various places by arrows. The idea is to suggest that to direct your work in the pursuit of creative awards may lead to a painful downfall.

Trophy hunter

Trophy h

  Trophy h foot
Trophy h cu

(S)he has prominent breasts…

Trophy h knob

… and a fine set of crown jewels. Apparently the pursuit of trophies is a transgender issue.

8 thoughts on “the awards hunter captured by the game”

  1. Ha Ha I remember back in September time these being boxed up and sent off, excellent replacement for Ronnie’s mannequin.

  2. I see where they’re coming from, but at the same time, this sort of stunt can easily be seen as rubbing it in. There are a lot of agencies and individuals who would love to be recognised for their efforts and win an award of some kind. And if award shows are so shallow and tangential, why have they entered so many contests?

  3. I’d be MUCH more impressed had the creatives never entered the award contests in the first place. All that time and money wasted on award show entries! We marketers are in the business of increasing our clients’ revenues folks, pure and simple. That is the only measure of success that matters in the end. Award shows are just mental masturbation for the creatives, who are the only ones who care about the awards because they help fluff up their resumes and portfolios for like-minded creative hiring managers. It’s pathetic!

  4. SR22 – yes, our job is to increase our clients’ revenues. We do this through creative ideas. These ideas are created by talented people. These talented people tend to want to work at agencies that have a history of winning creative awards. Therefore, winning creative awards helps us to attract the best creative people. And our clients benefit from having those people work on their business. The awards are a side-product of the work we do, not the goal. But it’s a side-product that has its uses.

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